Officially A Sailor

Officially A Sailor

by Damona Brown – Guest Crew

Manta Trawling on Sea Dragon

Today, at sea it was very calm and eventful I began on watch duty at 12pm. Then, Dr. Edwards decided to include some science. We took out the Manta trawl and set it up in the sea to catch organisms and other things like plastics. While I waited I enjoyed the sun on my face. After cleaning the sieve bag that was attached to the Manta trawl we identified bits of plastics, bugs and a dead fish.

Manta Trawl

I wasn’t on deck when they caught a Tunny fish but I heard the excitement from above. As I drove the boat, Caleb and Rayenne prepared it for dinner and filleted it into sashimi with sweet sushi rice and vegetable stir fry. I tried some after much persuasion from Gavin and it was delicious.

These past few days, I’ve experienced driving in calm, rough, sunny and freezing (to me) conditions. I think I can officially call myself a sailor. I also got to see whales (although they skimmed the surface), dolphins, a hawksbill turtle and Portuguese Man-o-war.

I hope as the journey continues the excitement doesn’t stop.