All aboard in Horta, Azores

All aboard in Horta, Azores

by Keanan Jenkins – Guest Crew

Pavement art Horta Marina

Today, Sea Dragon is setting sail with its newest crew members from Faial to Sao Jorge in the Azores. Many of the guest crew are brand new to sailing and are excited to be crewing a ship of this magnitude.

Faial, Horta

On the Island of Faial, the guest crew has been led on numerous scientific excursions by Dr. Edwards of Niagara University. Lessons on inner tidal ecosystems were accompanied by a snorkeling trip yesterday, and today, the crew will hopefully observe some the whale species that were covered in yesterday’s curriculum.

Science at Sea crew snorkling,Sao Jorge

Learning to function as an efficient team aboard the Sea Dragon is proving to be a fun and challenging experience for the guest crew. In between science lessons, the crew has been learning about many of the workings of the ship, as well as the safety measures that we take while at sea. Finally, yesterday evening, the crew worked together to cook a delicious dinner in the ship’s galley.

The Sea Dragon is almost ready for its voyage from the Azores to Plymouth, UK. We hope you will be following our journey.