New Sailors born

New Sailors born

by Gavin Reid – Deckhand

Sea Dragon

We arrived in Bermuda this morning at 0900 local time. We were welcomed by a lovely squall passing over the island making the climate considerably cooler than what we had experienced the past week. A busy morning saw the crew working hard to get our chores done with the floors scrubbed, awning and cover on and RIB set up. We have already managed to get our laundry done thanks to Maya, Kate and Lisa. We only need to refuel, provision the boat and sort out the gas before we can set off again.

The past week has been tough with the crew getting used to the extreme heat, working in a watch, battling tired eyes and getting to know and work with different personalities and nationalities. However, new sailors have been born this week with everyone having learnt helming from several different wind angles and conditions and learnt how to cook phenomenal food in a small galley with limited ingredients. Knots have been learnt with Caleb (with his new pirate nickname of ‘Winch Handle’) successfully learning how to make a monkey fist knot in under a minute, whether he ever has need to use the knot is another matter.

Now that we are in Bermuda we should be able to get a bit of rest from life on the boat. We already have a trip to the land (as we are anchored up in the bay) lined up and a crew meal tomorrow evening as we say goodbye to Sophia and Rob, and hello to Rayenne, who will be joining us to Plymouth. Spirits are high on the boat with the last adventure being enjoyed and the next one being planned for departure on 18th June for the Azores.