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New sailing opportunity!

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*This expedition is a Yachtmaster qualifying passage.*

However NO experience is needed, but a Passion for adventure is a MUST!

Adventure with us, for an exciting sail through the Sargasso Sea to the beautiful island of Bermuda.  You will experience every aspect of life at sea as we rush across the Atlantic.  We’ll leave Key West and ride the moving carpet of the Gulf Stream current past the Bahamas and Florida before setting out towards Bermuda.  We’ll arrive just as the America’s Cup activity is kicking off in Bermuda!

Then stay aboard to for an awesome sail from Bermuda across 2000nm of the North Atlantic Ocean, to arrive in the lush volcanic islands of the Azores.  You will experience every aspect of life at sea as we navigation the Atlantic,  learning, honing seamanship, sailing, and passage making skills.

* If you’re working towards your Yachtmaster Ocean, this passage is for you, our seasoned crew will help practice your celestial navigation and involve you in the daily routines and watch standing on board.


We can’t wait to have you on board!

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