Crystal Blue Waters

By Cath Hough

Crystal blue waters, a warm breeze, and sunny skies.
There’s something really exciting about sailing to a new place and the next day having the opportunity to explore your new surroundings. Today I had the opportunity to do just that, and Antigua certainly didn’t disappoint!
After breakfast aboard, we motored into the dinghy dock and set out on a small hike from Turtle Bay up the hill which looks over Falmouth bay and English harbour. After a short uphill walk spotting goats along the way, we were rewarded with stunning views of the bay where we could see our boat anchored pleasantly in the protected waters of the harbour. The mix of blues and greens in the clear sea was beautiful and looking out to the distance you can see the white crests of the breaking waves, a reminder of the sail you have just completed to arrive here.
As we continued round the pathway we were greeted with Panoramic views across both English and Falmouth bays, an impressive sight to admire the mix of boats on anchor spotted across the bay. Standing on the old English fortifications you could think back to the old empire and battles with the French.
With the warm breeze cooling me as I walked and blue sky up above there was no better opportunity to take in the beautiful surroundings in which we had sailed to.