Yachting World Writes About Atlantic Adventures on Sea Dragon


Recently, Yachtmaster Ocean and Yachtmaster instructor Emily Caruso joined us on the SV Sea Dragon, and with a crew of marine scientists and environmentalists sailed from Senegal to Guyana, crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

A very wise man once told me that there are two kinds of sailors: those who have been aground; and those who lie.

One day in December last year anyone on the banks of the Essequibo River in Guyana would have beheld a most unlikely sight. Surrounded by the vibrant green flora of the Amazon rainforest, the former Global Challenge yacht Sea Dragon was gently listing to starboard as she sat haplessly on a sandbar just a few miles from the destination port of Bartica.

An eventful, adventurous and exciting trip! The all-female crew of 14 women, included scientists and artists from the UK, US, Canada, Norway and Italy, all with varying degrees of sailing experience.

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