The ocean has a way of making things make sense

We arrived back into Dakar a few days ago which welcomed us with cooler temperatures, a breeze and the familiar smell of poop. Ah yes, home sweet home. Team Science had a successful trip with many fishes. The minions had successful watches (albeit a few waterlogged ones) and loved observing and learning what Team Science did. Sunrises and sunset with dolphins playing around us, a temporary stow away bird and many crazy mahi lent themselves to create an absolutely fantastic and entertaining trip. There was little wind however so true sailing was few and far between, but we got it in when we could! Overall weather was beautiful on this trip, again, albeit a few waterlogged watches what with a squall that was seemingly endless (18 some odd hours of a torrential downpour).

This trip was the longest I have ever been at sea- previously a week was my record. On occasion I would do weekend boat trips, and I’ve had my fair share of day trips on boats, but nothing to this caliber. On one of my watches Shanley asked how I was doing, if I missed land. After a moment’s pause, I told her not really. I didn’t think about it while we were out there. The days came and went, there was no land to be seen, communication with the outside world was at a minimum (Hi, mom) and I was ok with that. What the time removed from social media and communication channels did grant me were many moments of thinking about where I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going. Don’t worry, I won’t give you the entire run down of my life, that’d be way too long and frankly dull. But rather the conclusion I came to was the ocean has a way of making things make sense. It’s simple out there. Each day has its own tasks, you prep for the next day and that’s that.

This next week is all about boat TLC and prepping it for its next trip and crew. I’ll be sad to leave SeaDragon, she’s given me more memories and experiences than I could have asked for, for a second time.

I liked being on board, we knew where we were going, or at least a general direction. Life isn’t always that way. But in the wise words, of a wise man, named Captain Ron, “If we get lost, we’ll just ask for directions!” Not sure how that’d work in the middle of the ocean, but far be it from me to question the captain!

– Rebecca Ziegler, Sea Dragon Deckhand, October 27, 2015