Adventure Sailing | Bermuda to Maine

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$1,990/ £1,300
May 25 – June 2, 2016

Depart: St George’s, Bermuda
Arrive: Portland, Maine
Length: 9 days 8 nights
Focus: Sail training




[tab title=”Overview”]

Sail from the beautiful pink sand beaches of Bermuda to the world famous lobster of Maine. We’ll spend a day exploring the northernmost tropical reefs in the world around Bermuda’s coast, then set sail north, crossing the mysterious Sargasso sea and the gulf stream – the engine of Atlantic weather. In just 750 miles we’ll sail into a totally different climate and ecosystem, arriving at the beautiful rocky coast of Portland, Maine.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor looking to gain some offshore miles or a beginner looking for an exciting trip, this voyage has something for everyone. We’ll have daily classroom and hands on sessions to teach the fundamentals of sailing and passage making, and by the end of the trip you’ll be able to earn your IYT International Crew Certificate.


[tab title=”Team”]

Eric Loss – Skipper

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Eric has been sailing competitively since his time as a a young mariner and in 2011 he sailed around the world single-handed, and told his story in Loss at Sea.

Eric has been Captain on board Sea Dragon since January 2013 and he loves to facilitate the understanding of and connection to the sea for all of those who come on board.

Shanley McEntee – First Mate

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Shanley has been all over the world and covered over 40,000 miles on all different types of sailing yachts and loves to do everything from scuba diving to surfing to swimming.

With a degree in Environmental Policy and Marine Science, Shanley continues to explore the world and the different issues mother earth faces. She’s fulltime with Sea Dragon as First Mate since January of 2013.

Katie Jewett – Deck Hand

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Katie grew up in Mill Valley, California and worked her first job as a summer deckhand aboard the Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry on San Francisco Bay. She later joined her college sailing team and ever since has enjoyed learning how the wind can take her all over the world. Katie earned her degree from Stanford University in Human Biology with a concentration in marine policy and science communications. She now spends her winters in Colorado and summers living and working on the water. She loves storytelling through writing and film, and hopes to increase ocean literacy by connecting even the most landlocked, mountainous populations with the beauty and importance of the ocean environment.

Jean Parcher

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As a geographer, Jean has always had a great curiosity to visit as many places in the world and to get to know many cultures. In her work for the U.S. Geological Survey, she helped build capacity in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia to use satellite imagery to map deforestation and measure carbon emissions. She loves to sail and scuba dive as hobbies. Currently she resides on a lake in Reston, Va. where she can pursue her love of water sports and keep in touch with the political and global scene in Washington DC.

Being an environmentalist, Jean is greatly concerned with environmental conservation. Geologists are now calling this time period the Anthropocence epoch as human activities are having a significant impact on our ecosystems and climate. On this trip, Jean hopes to experience the state of the Atlantic ocean near the U.S. Eastern seaboard to provide on the water experience to lead greater advocacy efforts for sustainable lifestyles on our planet.

Sotiria Lampoudi (Terry)

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Teri grew up in Greece and is now based in California. She has PhD in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara, and has pursued research in nearly every physical science. Most recently she has been fortunate to combine her training with her love for the ocean as the Data Engineer for a fleet of ocean-going robots. Teri has been racing sailboats in California and elsewhere since 2004. She became a shellback on the Sea Dragon on New Year’s Eve of 2013.

Teri has worked hard for the last two and half years, herding robots in all the world’s oceans. This passage, happening during the short time between jobs, is her chance to clear her mind and tune up her offshore skills.

Teresa Wainscott

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Own a 27 foot sailboat and enjoy recreational sailing in the Great Lakes. Have completed ASA certification including sailing basics to coastal navigation. Looking forward to another sailing challenge!

[/tab] [tab title=”Itinerary”]

May 25: Guest crew join Sea Dragon in St. George’s at 1400. Everyone will have an opportunity to settle into the yacht, and put away their personal belongings. The captain and first mate will give crew a safety and expedition briefing, followed by basic safety training. After an evening meal, the crew will retire and sleep on Sea Dragon for the night.
May 26: Weather permitting, we will spend the day snorkelling and exploring some of Bermuda’s reefs and beaches and getting acquainted with the boat.
May 27: After Clearing Customs, Sea Dragon will depart Bermuda and head out to sea.
May 28 – May 31: Sailing!
June 1: Sea Dragon will arrive in Portland, Maine, and clear Customs & Immigration
June 2: Crew will be able to leave the boat by 1200

*Itinerary subject to change based on weather and willingness to ‘say yes more’ to spontaneous possibilities 😉

[tab title=”More Information”]

Contribution Includes:
– 8 nights accommodation on Sea Dragon
– All meals, snacks and drinks on board
– Sailing Instruction
– Training and Education covered in the syllabus
– IYT International Crew Certificate (if you pass the test!)
– Safety equipment and foul weather gear

Contribution does not include:
– Transportation to Bermuda and from Maine
– Transportation to and from the boat
– Additional nights spent ashore
– Personal expenses while in port

All crew members will require a passport from their home country that will allow them to travel to both Bermuda and the United States. There may be specific requirements for individuals from countries outside of North America. In particular, most nationalities will require a B1/B2 visa to enter the US by sea, even if you normally don’t need a visa to visit the USA. For specific visa information visit