Exploring Mindset | Caribbean Islands

Exploring Mindset | Caribbean Islands

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$3,300 / £1,990

Dec 13 – Dec 21, 2014

Depart: Martinique Arrive: British Virgin Islands Length: 9 days (8 nights) Focus: Philosophical and Practical Workshops, Sailing and Snorkelling


[divider] [tabs] [tab title=”Overview”] We live in a time of constant change where the importance of our actions have a wider reach and impact more so than at any other time in our existence. Combining an ocean voyage with a programme of specialist workshops designed to stimulate and focus your passions and areas of expertise into an effective future path, join Emily Penn and Dave Cornthwaite on a life-changing 8-day journey across the Caribbean, on S.V Sea Dragon. We’re offering a special opportunity to experience an environment that provides a true escape from society and the daily distractions of land, allowing freedom to think and develop new ideas with a like-minded crew at the same time as having a unique adventure. Sailing between the epic Caribbean hideaways of Martinique, Antigua, Barbuda and the British Virgin Islands, sunset snorkelling off little-known reefs, holding workshops under canopy on Sea Dragon and nestled under the tree line beside remote beaches, this is a one-off experience and the ultimate chance to have life-changing conversations in unforgettable locations.


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Combine island adventures with the chance to learn how to sail and thought-provoking, inspiring personal development sessions, including:

On land

– Setting the Scene: an introduction to the voyage and what to expect

– Safety Briefing & Vessel Orientation

– Why Adventure is Important: why getting out of your comfort zone leads to success

– Getting to know each other

Opening Sessions

– A Practical Introduction to Sailing: seamanship, sail handling, navigation.

– An Insight Into Our Changing World: Environmental (ocean science, degradation and conservation) and Social (consumption, energy, city living and population).


– How to Develop and Maintain a Positive Attitude (saying yes)

– Values: our shifting mindset – Happiness: what is happiness to you?

– Time: our most precious asset and how we use it

– Discussion: how do we rebuild society?


– Photography & Video Shooting and Basic Editing

– Social Media

– Fundraising

– Ideas on how to avoid procrastination and improve efficiency


– Identifying your passion and expertise

– Creating an Escape List

– One-on-one sessions with mission leaders

Take the Floor

– 30 minute lecture from each crew member

– Photographer of the Day

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Dave Cornthwaite – Mission Leader

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Dave Cornthwaite is an adventurer, bestselling author, motivational speaker and founder of SayYesMore. Having travelled more than 16,000 miles under his own steam, his record-breaking expeditions including skateboarding across Australia, stand up paddle boarding the Mississippi River and swimming the Missouri have led to Dave being described as one of the most ambitious and tenacious adventurers around. His entertaining and motivational keynote presentations have been enjoyed on six continents and his passionate advocacy of the word YES has contributed to the sprouting of countless adventures worldwide, big and small. His mission is simple: to motivate people to break down their fears, not be afraid to challenge themselves, consume less, do what they love and enjoy Mondays.


Emily Penn – Mission Leader

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Emily Penn is an oceans advocate, skipper and artist who has extensive exploration experience in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. She is a graduate of Cambridge University with a degree in Sustainable Architecture; and Director of global organisation Pangaea Explorations; and the first and youngest woman to be awarded the international Yachtmaster of the Year. Emily rounded the planet on the biofuelled Earthrace boat; spent 6 months living on a tiny Tongan island organising the largest ever community led rubbish clean-up; and discovered previously unknown oceanic gyres – huge areas of plastic pollution accumulation. An experienced public speaker, Emily has spoken around the world at conferences, universities and global companies about her adventures and issues relating to our oceans, human mindset and future society. You can find more information on Emily’s projects at www.emilypenn.co.uk.


Rob Green

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Background & Expertise
I’m a martial arts instructor by trade as well as a guide in Costa Rica during my summers. In addition to my guiding experience, I have extensive training with wilderness medicine and it’s a subject I am fascinated with and continually seek to learn more about. I’m always looking to find new ways to challenge myself and explore, and I’m looking forward to get on board and see what the next trip expedition brings.

Expedition Goals
I’m constantly searching for new ways to stretch my horizons and abilities. It seems a boat in the middle of the Caribbean is a good a place as any to do just that, eh?

Robyn Green

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Background & Expertise
I’m 26 years old and love the outdoors. I’m applying to PA school currently and have some medical training as a wilderness first responder. My husband and I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and we love finding new corners of the earth to explore.

Expedition Goals
Learn, explore, meet other explorers.

Blair Mase

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Background & Expertise
NOAA Marine Mammal Scientist – Stranding Coordinator for the Southeast US and US Virgin Islands for the last 22 years. Ocean advocate and lover. I am a mother of three, a certified Hatha yoga instructor, a childrens yoga instructor and a surfer.

Expedition Goals
Learn to sail, to meet like minded people and to step out of the box a bit and explore new possibilities, perhaps shift my perspective a bit on what I am meant to do here on this planet.


Alice de Castro

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Background & Expertise
I trained and worked as a pharmacist while still in Portugal and then as a research scientist in the biology of Ageing and Cancer since I moved to the UK about 8 years ago. Love boarding, martial arts and acrobatics, and am currently signed up for yoga teacher training. I’ve always been passionate about the ocean and marine conservation issues and whenever I can escape London I go surfing, volunteer for sea turtle conservation projects and generally adventure into the realm of marine life

Expedition Goals
To be inspired, guided and empowered into taking a leap from the lab into the real world which I’m avid to explore and where I want to make a difference. I hope to learn, be challenged, open my mind and share my enthusiasm, passions and stories with extraordinary people. Learning to sail will definitely be an unexpected and exciting bonus!


Erin Green

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Background & Expertise
In my work, I conduct research and analysis related to energy and environmental policy. I’m passionate about conservation, marine and otherwise, and I’m most interested in working toward holistic, sustainable solutions to environmental degradation that improve both the health of the planet and the well-being of the people living here. I love to swim—it seems open water brings me to life—and to draw and write.

Expedition Goals
Learn to sail; be surrounded by and learn from people who are doing good and living with purpose and direction; get some perspective on the path ahead. Also, I am enthralled with the sea, sea creatures, and the stars, and look forward to spending some time with them.


Benedict Arthur

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Background & Expertise
My name is Ben & Im 19 years old. I finished my A levels in June 2013, and wasn’t sure what direction to take with a career. In the past 18 months I have travelled in Tanzania, working on a volunteer project and ascending Kilimanjaro, In India, from Goa up to Rishikesh, then to Nepal and Everest base camp. In June this year I made it up Mont Blanc and after that I completed a solo project (inspired by DC!) Stand Up Paddleboarding from the Source of the Thames to central London. In between, I work with adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues. 18 months on I still have no idea on a career path or direction!

Expedition Goals
I have never sailed, this really excites me. I have been inspired by Dave C’s ethos, so the chance to spend some concentrated time with him & Emily will be great. I can be shy so I think that mixing with an unknown group in a close confine, could give me some growth in this area. I like the sea and am very interested in the environment. I think that what Pangaea & others do may be of longer term interest to me. I love an adventure, and i feel that this experience will be one!

Adam Sultan

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Background & Expertise
Born and raised in London. Increasingly adding adventure to my life, near and far. I fell in love with island life whilst travelling in Fiji and Madagascar. My only previous sailing experience was a short trip in the Whitsundays. My most rewarding travels were in Madagascar, I did some voluntary work in a littoral rainforest and camped in a village with locals. I’m a runner with big plans for 2015.

Expedition Goals
Have an adventure, be inspired, gain practical life skills, learn to sail, meet the crew and share and learn. Enjoy what is sure to be an amazing sailing trip in the Caribbean!


John Siegel

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Background & Expertise
Retired Airline Pilot

Expedition Goals
Learn; focus on future contribution.

Marjolijn Dijkman

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Maarten Vanden Eynde

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Background & Expertise
Maarten Vanden Eynde is a Belgian artist who has devoted his life to exploring the mysteries of our future past and to investigating the concept of Genetology, a self-invented ‘Science of First Things’, created in opposition to the dominant science of last things or eschatology. Genetology’s main area of research is our fascination with Time and its consequences: how will we look back to the Past in the Future? What will be left over from the Present?

One of Maarten’s last projects, Plastic Reef, focuses on art as a means of inviting and inciting activism with respect to one of the world’s most underestimated threats: the proliferation of plastic debris in the ocean. His work – creating a growing plastic coral reef out of that debris – seeks to raise awareness and bring people together to come up with a solution.

Maarten studied graphic design in the Sint-Lucas Institute in Ghent, Belgium, followed by a degree in Free Media at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His postgraduate studies have included a year at the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles, USA, and two years at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

Maarten has exhibited all over Europe, in Japan, USA, Georgia (former USSR) and China. Major exhibitions include 2009: SMAK Ghent, BE; 2008: Sculpture Quadriennale Riga; 2008: Museum De Paviljoens, Almere, NL; 2007: IKON Gallery, Birmingham, UK; 2007: Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, NL; 2005: PAN (Palazzo delle Arti), Napoli, IT; 2005: Ceramic Park, Mino, Japan.

He is active contributor to thinktanks, and a guest lecturer and teacher at universities and art schools in Europe. In 2008 Maarten started contributing to the Generali Group Strategic Leadership Programmes with the installation of the Mo(nu)mentum sculpture in the AMB Akademie in Bensberg. He contributed as a facilitator to the Generali Executive Forum and the Ulysses Programme for two years. For further information on Maarten’s work and research, see www.maartenvandeneynde.com and www.genetology.net.
He is also the co-founder of ‘Enough Room for Space’, a mobile platform for site-specific projects (www.enoughroomforspace.org).

Expedition Goals


Eric Loss – Skipper

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” height=”194″ width=”194″]http://panexplore.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Eric_Pics_September_25__2013.jpg[/image_frame]
A native of California, Eric has been on the water since an early age. He has sailed more than 55,000 offshore miles, and has sailed everything from windsurfers to 115′ schooners, and recently he completed a single-handed circumnavigation by way of the great capes. He enjoys teaching all aspects of sailing, from boat handling and dinghy racing to navigation and seamanship. He is always eager to share his knowledge of celestial navigation. Eric has been involved in sail training for most of his life, and is an US Sailing instructor. He holds an IYT Master of Yachts Ocean with commercial endorsement and a USCG 100 ton master’s license. Eric is also an experienced diver and PADI Divemaster.


Shanley Mcentee – First Mate

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” height=”194″ width=”194″]http://panexplore.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Shanley_Pics_September_25__2013.jpg[/image_frame]
Shanley was born and raised in San Diego, CA and graduated with a BA in Environmental Policy and a minor in Environmental Science from Western Washington University. Having grown up by the sea, she holds a deep passion for Mother Ocean and our ever-growing need for protection and awareness of the problems our environment is facing. She enjoys anything having to do with the sea, from surfing to scuba diving to sailing, and loves offshore passages. She is PADI Rescue Diver certified and holds an IYT Master of Yachts Offshore with commercial endorsement.


[/tab] [tab title=”Itinerary”]

December 13: Crew arrive on board Sea Dragon in Port du Marin, Martinique at 4pm. Take some time to stow gear on board, get settled in and get to know each other. Evening session with Emily and Dave.
December 14: Leave Martinique for Antigua. Spend the afternoon learning the ins and outs of sailing aboard Sea Dragon under the expert guidance of Eric and Shanley.
December 15: Arrive in Antigua to clear customs and immigration.
December 16: Sail to Barbuda, anchor in a secluded bay, BBQ ashore.
December 17: Spend the day exploring the tropical shores of Barbuda. Discussions interspersed with snorkelling and other water fun.
December 18: Spend the day exploring the tropical shores of Barbuda. Discussions interspersed with snorkelling and other water fun.
December 19: Leave Barbuda for British Virgin Islands
December 20: Arrive in British Virgin Islands
December 21: Crew leave the boat in West End, British Virgin Islands at 10am. From here crew can leave via the Beef Island/Tortola Airport in BVI or take the ferry to St Thomas (USVI) to fly from St Thomas Airport. Each day will be filled with workshops that you can view the topics of in the ‘workshops’ tab. *Itinerary subject to change based on weather and willingness to ‘say yes more’ to spontaneous possibilities 😉

[/tab] [tab title=”More Information”]

Travel documents: Crew will require a passport from their home country that will allow them to travel to Martinique, Antigua and The British Virgin Islands.

Contribution Includes:

  • 8 nights accommodation on board Sea Dragon
  • All meals, snacks and drinks on board
  • Sailing instruction
  • Safety equipment and foul weather gear
  • All workshops, personal development and one-on-one sessions

Payment does not include:

  • Transportation to Martinique and home from British Virgin Islands
  • Transportation to and from the dock
  • Personal expenses while in port

Travel Advice

Heading out: The nearest airport to Port du Marin, Martinique, is in Fort-de-France.

Heading home: Sea Dragon will be docking at West End, in the British Virgin Islands. From there you can take a 30-45 minute taxi to the Tortola / Beef Island airport in BVI.

Flights from The British Virgin Islands back to the US and Europe can be expensive. It is worth looking at the option to catch a ferry from West End to Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, which is then about a 10 minute cab ride to St Thomas Cyril. E. King (STT) airport. There are several ferries a day through various companies – you can see the schedule here – to get you to Charlotte Amalie and STT. Expect to spend $40 on average for a one way ticket. Please note, if you are not a US citizen you will need either a US visa or a US Visa Waiver to get on this ferry.

Kit List

Please see our Travel Kit List.

[/tab] [tab title=”Testimonials”]

Exploring Mindsets was a trip of a lifetime. Learning to sail was such an incredible experience (Eric and Shanley are amazing!) and the workshops that Emily and Dave facilitated both challenged and encouraged me to make some key personal decisions whilst considering what more I can do to nurture our beautiful planet. I left the boat feeling inspired and determined to implement positive changes in my life and with a group of wonderful new friends to support and accompany me on the journey. What more could you want from an adventure?!    Naomi Jane, Guest Crew, Feb 2014 [/tab] [/tabs]