Last day on board Sea Dragon

group photo

Today was the day. The last one we have aboard Sea Dragon. Feelings shift between bliss and hope for a shower with hot, high-pressured water (a commodity not yet found among the ship). While others, long for that first cold beer to squelch the lukewarm water we have had access to.

The morning began with delightful cinnamon bun rolls and a fresh fruit salad. This segued into stuffing our bags silly with stinky clothes and questionably smelling dive gear. Shortly after packing, the mysterious beaver, Sir Archibald Munchingham, appeared safe and sound back with miss Shanley after an arduous trip among the crew members. What a surprise she got out of it! Shanley quickly assigned tasks to the crew to get the boat back into her tip-top shape for the next adventure. This led to immediate chaos in the heads, cockpit, salon, and galley. With all of the bustle around the boat, reflections began sweeping the crew. Many told of tales from the journey that made them laugh, while others talk of life after the boat. But what a strange thought, to ponder life after the boat. This journey began 8 days ago with 13 strangers and a passion for the sea. However, the time aboard the vessel seemed much longer and intense than that; and that’s beacuse it was. All of us are walking (or boating) away from this trip with a new respect for tight living quarters and a strong sense of sailing camaraderie.

After the laughs on board from various adventures and mishaps, the jokes became endless. From imitating accents, to coming up with dreadful nicknames, to jumping off of rope swings, to hilariously posed photos, the abilty to sass and poke fun at one another seemed easier and easier. Although I would imagine laughs become plentiful among the sleep-deprived and caffeine-riddled brains. I look around at the faces among the table who are sharing photos and cannot help but think that my expectations when joining this expedition were so far exceed in a multidue of aspects; the people, the memories, the scientific excursions, and sailing jargon.


Even though the time grows short, I believe there is hope for future gatherings among this kooky crowd and a better sense of science exploration on a sailing vessel.

Of course this is all just a rumor I heard.

-Courtney Anderson