Last Sunset

In the dinghy

It’s Saturday, the day before the nine of us alongside Eric, Shanley, Nicole, and Keene end our journey sailing and exploring the wonders of the Cayman Islands.  I feel I speak for all of us when I say that this past week of living, eating, diving, and sailing together on our floating home, Sea Dragon, has been a once in a lifetime experience and a step closer for all of us to becoming full-blown salty dog sailors.  Life on Sea Dragon for me has been quite different than what I am normally used to back at home.  Many of my best friends and family don’t share the same passion and love I have for the ocean, so what really made this past week so special was the time spent learning, sharing stories, and essentially connecting with other people from around the world whom I shared so much in common with. I came on this trip as a student wanting to gain experience working in the field, and along with that I have unexpectedly picked up a newly found ambition to try, explore, and learn things that I never would have dreamt about before.

last sunset

– Daniel Kaplan