Exploration Science Program begins!


I have boating experience but I am here because I have no sailing experience and wanted to try something new. It was great to finally be on Sea Dragon and meet everyone yesterday; we all seemed very excited about the next several days. Today we learned about several things: Exploration Science, driving a dingy, knots, coral reef surveying and planning/provisioning. I found it very interesting that in a way we all are scientists and can help in Exploration Science. You don’t have to have a degree; if you are curious about something then you are going to want to explore it. It’s important to know how to drive a boat and check the oil/fuel. Besides living on Sea Dragon it was pretty fun to be driving the dingy here in Grand Cayman. It’s always cool to tie knots, but they are critical when it comes to boating. During the coral reef survey we saw Sergeant Major Damselfish, Yellowtail Snapper, Tarpon, Parrotfish and a Hawksbill Turtle. Planning/provision is essential for trips and I didn’t realize how much actually went in to it until today. I am learning a lot and want to learn as much as possible. This is truly a wonderful experience 🙂

– Aneese