2014 Sailing Expedition schedule announced!

2014 Sailing Expedition schedule announced!

2014 sailing expeditions schedule
Ports of call include the Cayman Islands, Key West, Bermuda, Iceland, Sweden, the UK, Azores, and Canary
Islands. The sailing expeditions will provide training for participants, as well as opportunities for outreach
activities and conducting marine research as citizen scientists.

Expeditions such as Exploring Mindset will focus on providing sailors with the freedom to think and develop new ideas related to their specific interests. Others will focus on “Exploration Science,” and will examine how best to conduct ocean research and promote conservation initiatives, while others will focus on specific topics such as invasive species.

A “5 Gyres: Viking Gyre Expedition” from Bermuda to Iceland will study microplastic pollution and its effects
on ocean life, and a summer whale-watching expedition to Sweden will collect data on cetaceans. On a
southward return leg of the Sea Dragon, sailors on an “Ocean Friendly Design” voyage will trawl for plastic
and will manufacture a sea kayak using found materials.

The final homeward transatlantic leg, designed exclusively for girl participants, will focus on the effects of
toxins on the Atlantic Ocean. This expedition, with its crew of 14 young women, will focus on leadership,
personal and environmental awareness, and fostering cultural change.

“This is an ambitious and extraordinary schedule for us,” said Pangaea Explorations Director Emily Penn. “Each of these expeditions is designed to promote Pangaea’s combined missions of strengthening Earth’s marine life through exploration, conservation, and education while inspiring a new generation of leaders in science, communication, art, and public policy.”

In 2013, the fourth consecutive year that Pangaea has organized and led ocean expeditions, the group coordinated 17 voyages for 135 participants in the Pacific, Caribbean and Atlantic. Sea Dragon sailed a total of 12,500 nautical miles from the Galapagos through the Panama Canal to Florida, on to Bermuda and later to the Great Lakes before returning to the Caribbean and Florida.

Pangaea voyages are designed to educate participants about marine conservation while providing a
life-changing experience that leaves them inspired, optimistic, and energized. The expeditions are organized by a team of highly experienced sailors who create unique but safe voyages built around avoiding unnecessary
risks while promoting meaningful experiences. Participants travel confidently and safely, assured they are
making worthwhile contributions to the voyages.  In addition to offering these unique opportunities to participants, Pangaea Explorations offers excellent exposure to expedition partners, who are able to reach enthused and privileged target audiences particular to marine-conservation interests.

For more information about expeditions or partnership opportunities, contact Emily Penn at 631-220-7068, or by email at Emily(at)panexplore(dot)com.