Summer Sail | Vancouver to San Francisco

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Aug 06 – Aug 14

Depart: Vancouver, Canada
Arrive: San Francisco, CA, USA
Length: 9 days
Focus: Adventure Sailing




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Vancouver Canada to San Francisco – August 2011

Sea Dragon has been working hard for the last 18 months sailing over 40,000 miles across four oceans supporting important marine conservation work. She and her crew will soon complete critical scientific surveys of four major ocean “gyres” – remote areas that concentrate marine debris into the “garbage patches” of the sea. Additionally, she has just finished an important survey of community and natural habitat impacts in the South Pacific.Vancouver to SF Summer Sail

A unique opportunity exists to get a personal experience on board the Sea Dragon. After completion of the important North Pacific Gyre Expedition in July the team will make a nine day sail from Vancouver to San Francisco. Departing after several major public events, the team will sail from downtown Vancouver, out through beautifully forested bays and into the open Pacific. From there, you will experience Sea Dragon in her true element- sailing on the high seas. Passing down the coast for what should be an excellent sail, she will enter San Francisco under the Golden Gate.

For any who have not been able to make it to our longer, remote ocean voyages, this trip is an excellent opportunity to experience life on board first hand. Like crews before, you will see and feel the life at sea. UK Yachtmaster Clive Cosby – Chief Skipper for Pangaea Explorations- will provide a unique chance to participate and learn about sailing and offshore life. In addition, your participation is a direct part of our larger mission. Sea Dragon is headed to California for important preparation for her 2012 Expedition season. A significant portion of your financial contribution will be donated to Algalita Marine Research Foundation and the 5 Gyres Institute.

Dates are 6th – 14th August 2011. Contribution is US $1,700 ($500 of which goes directly to AMRF/ 5 Gyres and may be tax deductible). Cost includes all on board food and expenses.

Please contact:

Emily Penn, Pangaea Explorations at for more information, or call (305) 582-5574.