Pacific Crossing | Mexico to Hawaii

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Mar 13 – Mar 30

Depart: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Arrive: Honolulu, HI, USA
Length: 18 days
Focus: Dave Cornthwaite: Expedition 1000




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Join Sea Dragon’s expert team on a fast sail from Mexico to Hawaii. Experienced Ocean Skipper Dale Selvam will be leading the crew for some fast, fun adventure sailing. Whether you are a first-timer wanting to see what it’s all about, or a seasoned pro wanting to feel some adrenalin… this is the leg for you! An excellent opportunity to build your sea miles, experience an ocean crossing, practice your celestial navigation and enjoy the best of all sailing has to offer.

The open ocean passage starts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,in March and is estimated to take about 16 days. Sea Dragon will have just undergone a major refit and be ready for the 3070nm passage to Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally built in 2000, for the round the world Global Challenge Race, she is designed to thrive in the Southern Ocean! She was specifically set up for volunteer crew with limited sailing experience and can safely handle any number of sailing conditions. With a crew capacity of 14 and a cruising speed of 12 knots, she is a comfortable and exciting ocean going yacht. Your experience on board Sea Dragon will go far beyond being just a sailing one. This passage will mark the first deployment of the onboard CO2 sensor monitoring ocean acidification. As the oceans absorb increasing amounts of CO2, the very survival of corals, shellfish and many plankton species is severely threatened.

This ocean passage is an important part of her 2012 mission in the North Pacific, as the team on board set out to document the debris generated by the Japan tsunami of March 2011. Rarely is such a monumental amount of material – tens of thousands of tons including cars, entire homes and boats – simultaneously thrust into the sea from a single location.

This voyage will also be the 5th leg of British Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite’s Expedition1000 Project which involves 25 separate journeys of 1000 miles of more each using a different form of non-motorised transport. Find out more at

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Dale Selvam

Dale Selvam

Dale is the Chief Skipper on board Sea Dragon. He manages everything on board the vessel from the engine and the rigging to the scientific sensors. Dale, jack-of-all-trades, is from New Zealand – if there is a problem on board, this is the man to fix it.

He grew up as a big-wave surfer, and since then has made a career around the sea. He has extensive sailing experience on board multiple yachts, over his 20-year sailing career. On land, he has served as product marketing roles for major surf companies.

Dale has sailed over 40,000nm on Sea Dragon alone. He is an RYA certified Yachtmaster Oceans, Commercial Endorsed and Medical. Dale is also an experienced diver and certified PADI Divemaster.

Emily Penn

Emily Penn
First Mate

Emily worked as Operations Manager and traveled over 20,000nm on the world record breaking bio-fueled Earthrace vessel during an international environmental campaign to promote the use of alternative fuels. It was this journey across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that opened her eyes to ocean degradation and challenges faced by small island states.

Emily graduated from the University of Cambridge UK with a BA Honors in Architecture (1st) in 2008. Following her involvement with Earthrace in New Zealand, Emily sailed to Tonga to establish and implement a community wide coastal cleanup project in the remote Hapai Islands of Tonga with kiwi organization Sustainable Coastlines. Her focus was on environmental education and tangible solutions with positive long term outcomes.

David Cornwaith

Dave Cornthwaite
Mission Leader


Adventurer and author undertaking 25 journeys of 1000 miles or more, each using a different form of non motorised transport. Skateboarded across Australia, kayaked the Murray River, Paddleboarded the Mississippi River.


To experience life in the middle of the ocean on a small boat. To stretch personal development and better understand my place. To learn how to sail. To travel at least 1000 miles.

Jesper Mortensen
Deck Hand and Dive Instructor
Jesper is our new all-around man. The Pangaea team met Jesper on Rarotonga in the South Pacific, where he was living and working as a dive instructor. Our common interest for learning about and protecting the oceans made him an immediate good match for the team, and Jesper was on board the Sea Dragon with us when we left for our next expedition.
Jesper now takes care of diving, fishing, and smaller repairs and also functions as mate and deckhand during the voyages. He has a long diving background, having worked as an instructor around the world, and he also holds a RYA Yachtmaster offshore with commercial endorsement.

Tina Beck


Gas detection, Natural science, Geology, wildlife photography


To learn more about ocean acidification, volcanoes, tsunamis and wildlife. To learn navigation & sailing skills.

natalie-cohenNatalia Cohen


I have been involved in the Travel Industry for over 10 years. Travel, cultures and people are my passion. I am also very interested in photography and dance. I recently worked a few months on the boats in the Balearic Islands as I have always loved being in and around water and wanted to experience this specific lifestyle.


This will be my first time doing a crossing. Not only am I looking forward to working as part of a team and having the opportunity to earn sea miles, but this will also be good experience to see what sailing in open water for two weeks is like!!! I am looking forward to learning more about the actual mechanics of sailing and learning more about the environmental work being done in general and during the trip. I’m also very excited about meeting new and interesting people in a challenging setting! This will be a great adventure at the mercy of the elements.

andrew-cookAndrew Cook


I’ve a passion for understanding the world around me. So an undergrad degree in Geography led to a post-grad in Global History. I currently work for the UK Electoral Commission monitoring the donations and finance of Political Parties. I’ve long enjoyed sailing and being on the sea, but a student life in London isn’t very conducive to this. It has been a year since I last set foot on a yacht. More recently however, I have discovered surfing and windsurfing which has kept me sane in my otherwise urban life.


I am working towards my Yachtmaster so the miles at sea will help. But more importantly I am looking forward to meeting new an interesting people and sharing ideas.

david-luomaDavin Luoma


Last year I got out of the US Navy after 13 years of service. I have been all over the world with deployments to the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, and South East Asia and have bit by bit circumnavigated the surface of the planet. I was a Damage Controlman First Class or a shipboard firefighter and instructor in naval firefighting. Currently I’m taking a few years “off” to enjoy the world and have fun such as last summer I kayaked the entire Mississippi River, this trip and whatever other adventures I can find. Also I despise talking about myself and was uncomfortable filling this out.


To learn as much as possible about open water sailing and navigation, I’ve always been interested in sailing but never “had the time”. Also to meet new people and share an experience of a lifetime.

Nicola Moss


My work life has been focused on project managing communication concepts, events and advertising for the past decade. I spent my childhood in Germany, followed by a few years in the Netherlands and a short stint in Spain. Travelling, communicating with people along the way and getting to know their cultures have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Goals: From the moment I read about the voyage I could not stop thinking about it. So I followed my gut instinct, signed up and now cannot wait to set sail! In so many ways the expedition will be a journey of a lifetime! In addition to learning about the ocean environment and the responsibility each and every one of us has concerning it, I am really looking forward to the challenges and joy of daily life as well as the group dynamics on board Sea Dragon!

monisha-varadanMonisha Varadan


I was born and brought up in India, I work in London and travel around the world on crazy trips such as this one occasionally (this is the craziest so far!). In my previous life I was a journalist with the national press in India and a corporate financier in London City. These days I enjoy freelancing as a writer for various companies, a corporate financier on some projects and an entrepreneur with others. I particularly love the freedom of living life the way I choose, without being a slave to the system. I responded to Dave’s advert for crew because I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, I love sailing and wanted to see what 2 weeks on a boat would be like but most importantly, I wanted to disconnect without having the choice of rushing to an internet connection if i noticed withdrawal symptoms!


Nervous as I am, I am looking forward to enjoying the clean, fresh, crisp sea air; I want to force myself to live in the moment rather than juggle a hundred and one thoughts in my head; I want to experience the ups and down of living with 10 interesting people in the same tiny space for two weeks; I want to improve my limited sailing knowledge and build up miles; and yes, I want to feel alive! Looking forward to meeting everyone else joining me on this journey.

dan-looDanny Loo

Coming Soon.