Guadalupe Discovery | California to Mexico

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Feb 22 – Feb 28

Depart: San Diego, CA, USA
Arrive: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Length: 7 days
Focus: Diving, Snorkeling, Sailing




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Pacific Crossing via Guadalupe Island

Sea Dragon will depart LA on Jan 15th for a 1 day stop in Ensenada to clear into Mexico. We will then take a 1 day sail to Guadalupe Island.  The team will spend 3 days exploring Guadalupe, then sail onwards on a 13 day passage to Hawaii.

On Guadalupe the team will explore both underwater and on land, working with a local conservation organisation to survey and film the challenges and successes of this interesting island.

While on land the team aim to report on the status of the restoration on the island following the evacuation of the last goats in 2005.  Goats were originally introduced to Guadalupe in the early 19th century as provisions for the whalers and sealers when stopping over.  By 1900 the feral goat population had reached 100,000 wiping out the majority of the vegetation and many bird species had disappeared.  Guadalupe has now been designated a biosphere reserve.

The dive team aim to understand the underwater wildlife of the island beyond what it is famous for – the great white sharks.  In contrast to the mostly extinct terrestial life on the island, Guadalupe was home to the last known refuge of two types of seals in the Pacific.  In 1975 it became a pinniped sanctuary.

This pseudo pristine remote island is scarcely inhabited – home to only a handful of families of abalone and lobster fishermen.  Our team looks forward to visiting this incredible island, meeting the local community, exploring the rugged terrain and diving deep below the surface.

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