5 Gyres / Algalita | North Pacific Gyre

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Jul 07 – Jul 27

Depart: Honolulu, HI, USA
Arrive: Vancouver, Canada
Length: 21 days
Focus: Plastic Pollution with 5 Gyres / Algalita




[tab title=”Overview”]

Now reaching deep into the fourth of the oceans major Gyres, Sea Dragon will spend several months in the South Pacific. This will give the 5 Gyres team a chance to conduct the first dedicated survey of plastic accumulation in this vast ocean region. Believed to be one of the most dense and well formed zones, this trip will provide vital information on the state of marine plastics. This is also one of the most remote and least traversed regions of the world. West of Easter Island and South of Tahiti, the team will range over a wilderness ocean.

Over the duration of the expeditions, Sea Dragon will alternate between high seas research and visits to regional islands. Closer to land, we will be focused on understanding the challenges and progress of marine conservation in this biologically vital region. Diving and ROV based observation of the shallower waters will figure prominently in these phases. This trip is currently in planning phases but is rapidly taking shape.

The final leg from Hawaii to Vancouver Canada will cut a 2,500nm arc across the North Pacfic Gyre. This Expedition is being run in partnership with the Algalita Marine Research Foundation and Captain Charles Moore. Team members on this important trip will become a part of the original Gyre research program. There are four principal expedition legs in the South Pacific and into the North Pacific Gyre out of Hawaii.