South Pacific Gyre | Chile to Easter Island

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Mar 19 – Apr 07, 2011

Depart: Valdivia, Chile
Arrive: Easter Island
Length: 20 days
Focus: Plastic Pollution with 5 Gyres




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Now reaching deep into the fourth of the oceans major Gyres, Sea Dragon will spend several months in the South Pacific. This will give the 5 Gyres team a chance to conduct the first dedicated survey of plastic accumulation in this vast ocean region. Believed to be one of the most dense and well formed zones, this trip will provide vital information on the state of marine plastics. This is also one of the most remote and least traversed regions of the world. South-east of Easter Island, the team will range over a wilderness ocean.

Over the duration of the expedition, Sea Dragon will study both high seas research and island based research. Closer to land, we will be focused on understanding the challenges and progress of marine conservation in this biologically vital region.
This expedition will be led by 5 Gyres Co-Founders Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins. Visit 5 Gyres website for further information on the project.