Baltic Sea Discovery with MTM Research Centre

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Price TBD
Aug 02 – Aug 23, 2014

Depart: Gothenburg, Sweden
Arrive: Stockholm, Sweden
Length: 22 days
Focus: Plastic Pollution, POPs, Outreach




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The Baltic Sea, wedged between the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Danish Islands and mainland Europe, is a beautiful ocean, but also one of the most contaminated ecosystems in the world. This brings a great urgency for research to assess the effect humans have on the Baltic, so we can find effective ways to reverse these negative trends in terms of contamination. Additionally, there is also a definite need to raise awareness about the threats faced by the Baltic and those that depend on its many resources. That is the reason this expedition will undertake three sailing expeditions with the aim of sampling marine litter, quantifying the problems surrounding the amount of litter and plastic floating in this sea and educating science and the public on the results of these expeditions.

Join us on one or several of our sailing expeditions and sail with scientists, policymakers, and journalists for an adventure in the amazing Baltic Sea. Each leg is comprised of 7 days filled with sailing, science and life-time experiences.

Preliminary schedule:

3–9 August Gothenburg–Stockholm

9–16 August Stockholm–the Gulf of Bothnia–Stockholm

16–23 August Stockholm–the Gulf of Finland–Stockholm

For more information or to join this expedition please contact Anna Tonnvik (