5 Gyres | Bermuda to Newport

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Jun 09 – Jun 16, 2013

Depart: Hamilton, Bermuda
Arrive: Newport, RI, USA
Length: 8 days
Focus: Plastic Pollution




[tab title=”Overview”]

5 Gyres has a rare opportunity for guest crew to explore the North Atlantic Gyre this upcoming summer on a shorter mission to the Sargasso Sea. This expedition, seven days/six nights will depart from Bermuda and sail aboard our partner vessel, The 72 Foot Sea Dragon, to Newport, Rhode Island. Guest crew with join the 5 Gyres team in collecting data from the ocean surface on plastic density and type, trawling every 40-50 nautical miles around the clock as we head Northwestward to our final destination in Newport. Typically, our expeditions require a month commitment, but due to overwhelming demand from our community, we’ve developed a shorter expedition so that we can take guest crew into the gyre to see firsthand how marine plastic pollution manifests in the oceans but with a much shorter time commitment. Guests will contribute to every aspect of the expedition, participating in the day to day operation of the boat, as well as sampling. Crew will learn the science of data collection by 5 Gyres staff and our professional captains.

[tab title=”Requirements”]

No sailing experience is necessary, but we do ask our crew to possess basic swimming skills. During the journey, we will document the experience at sea through film and still photography and crew are invited to contribute to our satellite communications describing the experience through blogs and personal reflections. Each evening, during the dinner hour, 5 Gyres will lead the crew in programming on the science of marine plastic pollution, the solutions to the problem, and how ultimately these factors help inform policy and better packaging design aimed at curbing the flow of plastic into our world’s oceans. We will also develop a short film about the expedition, featuring our expedition team. Guest crew are encouraged to spend a few days on the ground with us in Bermuda beforehand, surveying beaches and participating in outreach events with the Bermudian people. We will also organize a landing event in Newport, Rhode Island. As always, it’s 5 Gyres mission to give our community a firsthand, authentic vantage of the problem as it persists from gyre central. As researchers, educators and policymakers, we recognize that to solve this problem we need people from all walks of life armed with personal knowledge of the state of our oceans. Join us!