5 Gyres: Viking Gyre Expedition | Bermuda to Iceland

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Jun 07 – Jun 29, 2014

Depart: Hamilton, Bermuda
Arrive: Reykjavik, Iceland
Length: 23 days
Focus: 5 Gyres Institute studying plastic pollution




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We have a total of 7 berths available for the public to join us and our crew as we set sail from Bermuda to the heart of the North Atlantic Gyre aboard Sea Dragon, ending three weeks later in Iceland. We can’t guarantee perfect weather, but we can guarantee a life changing experience! We’ll be crossing two gyres (the subtropical and subpolar gyres of the N.Atlantic) to study microplastic pollution abundance and its effects on life in the ocean. Join scientists, artists, policymakers, CEO’s and journalists for an adventure to this remote and unstudied region of the world’s oceans. Working in teams to make the expedition safe and successful, you’ll spend three weeks totally hands-on with the sailing and science. Beginning in sunny Bermuda, we’ll sail toward the midnight sun in cool northern climates to Iceland.  Both countries, and the 2500 miles between them, promise an unforgettable adventure!

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Experience Iceland!

After your arrival to Iceland, you might be interested in booking day trips and further accommodation on the island: Iceland Adventures

Day trips and accommodation can be booked through our partner, Another World Adventures:


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Carolyn Rosevelt

Background & Expertise
I am an early career marine scientist who is using her skill set to work on fresh water conservation issues. I support remote sensing research related to agriculture, water use, and drought detection for the NASA-Ames/CSU Monterey Bay Cooperative Agreement. Back in graduate school though, I led and coordinated a year-long study using citizen scientists to quantify and categorize marine debris along several beaches in California. I have an intense curiosity for seeing firsthand what types of plastics are being carried by currents (or trapped in gyres) in the ocean.

Expedition Goals
My main goal while on board is to be the best listener, communicator, and teacher I can be, and to keep an open mind to allow me to learn everything I can from my fellow crew. I look forward to the opportunity to collect data in situ. I know that I will anticipate that first sample being brought up on deck and explored. My values strongly align with the interdisciplinary purpose of this trip to further knowledge and global awareness about plastic pollution. Adventure, data collection, and team effort are what I look forward to the most. 


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Alyssa Tharp

Background & Expertise
Aly is from Texas and has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Austin College. She is a member of the Tar Sands Blockade direct action collective and endeavors in grassroots collaboration to stop the climate change, industrial pollution and environmental injustices that are symptomatic of unsustainable, racist and violent social orders. Aly also leads outdoors and science education programs for girls, as well as international adult volunteer programs in Iceland dedicated to peace-building through cross-cultural understanding and environmental stewardship.

Expedition Goals
My goal is to LEARN and to love every moment of this expedition, from departure in Bermuda to arrival in Reykjavik Harbor. I am excited to play a part in researching one of the biggest environmental problems on our planet and devoted to the scientific purpose of the expedition. I hope that by photographing and writing throughout the journey, I can share my experience with supporters and loved ones in an inspiring way. 


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Genevieve Abedon

Background & Expertise
I have a B.S. in Animal Science and most of my experiences until now have been concerning animals, particularly animal medicine.

Expedition Goals
I aim to be a contributing member of the crew, as well as to learn a lot both about sailing and the research that 5 Gyres does. 


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La Benida Hui

Background & Expertise
I am an art educator/illustrator and founder of R.A.R.E., an art educational exhibition curatorial Co. I am 38 yrs old and loving life more and more with each passing year.
I see how plastic pollution speaks of our global (human) habits and displays our need for change as we affect our surrounding wildlife as well as ourselves and our only home.
I am born in Canada, (where I lived for two weeks), spent my childhood years in San Francisco, Hawaii, Thailand, settled in Hong Kong for high school and made New York my home after graduating from Parsons School of Design. Now I am spending time with my family and living it up in Taiwan.

Expedition Goals
To educate myself and spread the word. 


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Brett Edwards

Background & Expertise
Brett “Mr. Eco” Edwards believes that monumental changes begin with the youngest members of society. He combined his passions for sustainability, wildlife conservation and hip-hop to create an environmental rap superhero that uses music to empower children to become activists called #EcoHeroes. Mr. Eco uses his blend of “edutainment” to teach our youth that their local actions impact ecosystems and wildlife globally.

Expedition Goals
To have a good as time as possible discovering the horrible reality of plastic pollution in our ocean.


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Allison Cook

Background & Expertise
I work with the Story of Stuff Project where we make movies about where our Stuff comes from and how’s made and what happens to it when we throw it “away.” I currently focus most of my time on figuring out how to translate the energy and excitement that people feel after watching our movies into action that can build towards a better world.

Expedition Goals
I’m eager to see firsthand the consequences of our make-take-waste approach to Stuff, especially as it relates plastics. The Story of Stuff Community is incredibly passionate about putting a stop to plastic pollution, so I’m especially excited to share this experience back with them over our social media channels and on our website.


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Sergio Izquierdo

Background & Expertise
President of the National Association of Marine Biology in Guatemala.
VP of ALISUR (Guatemala’s South Coast Alliance to protect the marine resources)
Professional Wildlife & Nature Photographer
Conservationist and Activist
Computer Science Engineer with a Master in Science degree

Expedition Goals
Produce a documentary for 5Gyres
Produce 1 or 2 episodes for a NatGeo Latin-america TV show
Make a story for NatGeo Brazil and/or other international magazines.
Make material to raise awareness the people of my country and other Hispanic countries
Photograph the plastic and microplastic pollution problems


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Tiffany Paige

Background & Expertise
I am an actress with a strong hosting background and focus on sustainability issues. I created a “green” online series and blog called “Green With Tiffany” in which I strive to bring awareness, truth and action to the green movement by sharing information and ideas about the people, products and living principles that help create sustainability, wellness, positive environmental impact and living as ONE with our planet.

Expedition Goals
To experience first hand, and document from a civilian’s point-of-view, what is happening to our oceans so that I may share it with my audience and anyone else who I can reach in order to raise awareness and help create change both in habit and policy. And to meet like-minded people because working together as one, we can accomplish more.


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Carolynn Box

Background & Expertise
Carolynn is the Environmental Coordinator for 5 Gyres Institute, where she helps run their environmental and education programs, and has participated in research expeditions to the South and North Atlantic Gyre, North Pacific and Western Pacific Gyre, and the Great Lakes. This will be her seventh expedition with 5 Gyres. She received a Master’s from University of Rhode Island in Marine Affairs in 2005 and worked in the field of Coastal Management for seven years in San Francisco Bay until she met Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen, co-founders of 5 Gyres Institute. After her first voyage across the South Atlantic, she decided to change the course of her life and apply her science and organizing background to efforts to fight plastic pollution. Carolynn lives in San Francisco and can be found at one of the local beaches.

Expedition Goals
Carolynn’s main goals include keeping the crew safe and happy, while meeting all of the research goals. Carolynn is excited for the sunsets, whales, and her first site of Iceland.



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 John Wright

Background & Expertise
I am a qualified commercial yacht-master with about 19,000 miles logged who has also developed the ability to work with and facilitate individual and group learning experiences in an outdoor or indoor setting. I have worked with groups of people from teenagers to senior managers using the outdoors as a means of personal and team development for much of my life in Wales, Scotland and the English Lake District. Since 1996 I have run my own learning and development business. I am based mainly in the UK and have also worked on programmes in Japan, Thailand, U.S.A. Spain, France, Belgium and Germany.
Sailing adventures include a voyage from the UK to Barbados and then across to Panama on a 150 foot Brigantine. This was followed by other voyages on the same vessel as a watch leader into the Baltic, the Mediterranean, and from the UK down to Morocco. I’ve sailed smaller yachts for many years on the West coast of Scotland etc. In addition to sailing I have climbed mountains including Mont Blanc, Fuji and Toubkal (highest in North Africa). I also Kayak down rivers in the UK and ski in the European Alps.
In 2010 I was 1st mate on Sea Dragon from the Virgin Islands to Bermuda and then to the Azores. For me the Pangaea expedition represents an exciting opportunity to work with interesting people, gain more sailing experience to complete my Yacht master Ocean certificate and get involved in an awareness raising scientific research.

Expedition Goals
Help get Sea Dragon safely and happily from Bermuda to Iceland.
Help achieve the scientific goals of the voyage.
Learn as much as I can and help others achieve their goals if I can.