South Atlantic Gyre | Namibia to Uruguay

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Jan 04 – Feb 03, 2011

Depart: Walvis Bay, Namibia
Arrive: Montevideo, Uruguay
Length: 31 days
Focus: Plastic Pollution with 5 Gyres




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After spending the Christmas holidays in the Austral summer of Cape Town, Sea Dragon will  voyage west to recross the critical South Atlantic Gyre. Traveling across the northern rim of this region, she will provide a final track to assess plastics accumulation in the South Atlantic. The boat will depart from Walvis Bay Namibia and stop in St. Helena Island en route to Uruguay. With the Southern Cross and a vast sea as your companion, this is a rare chance to experience one of the world’s most remote ocean.  St Helena Island, one of the most remote landmasses in the world, is often remembered as the exiled home of French Emperor Napoleon during the last six years of his life from 1815-21. Sea Dragon will continue sailing west, intercepting the “new world” coast at Montevideo, Uruguay. Continuing her tradition of marine conservation, the team will gather data on ocean water quality and conduct periodic samples for marine plastics. This trip will contribute to the larger 5-Gyres research project by crossing this important area. It is also a great opportunity to build ocean sailing skills on a long sea passage. This journey will be one of the few Sea Dragon takes that stays in “summer” during the entire route! Your team will be led by Dale Selvam and an RYA Yachtmaster Skipper.


Trip Type: Research and Adventure Sailing

Crew Complement: Up to 10 guest crew

Trip Duration: approximately 30 Days

Departure Date: 4 January 2011

Cost per crew: $7000 including all ship-board meals complete