Sail Training | Miami to Bermuda

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May 10 – May 17, 2013

Depart: Miami, FL, USA
Arrive: Hamilton, Bermuda
Length: 8 days
Focus: Sailing




[tab title=”Overview”]

Join the crew of Sea Dragon for an exciting sail through the Sargasso Sea to the beautiful island of Bermuda.  You will experience every aspect of life at sea as we rush across the Atlantic.   Pangaea Exploration is partnering with BASS, the Bermuda Alliance for the Sargasso Sea, and a portion of the proceeds of the trip will go to benefit their work.  Every night at sea you will participate in learning sessions about safety at sea, sailing, the weather, currents, and history of the area, and how the water you are sailing across acquired a fearsome reputation as part of the Bermuda Triangle.


[tab title=”Itinerary”]

Crew will arrive on board Sea Dragon by 2 PM on Friday the 10th, and spend the afternoon moving aboard and familiarizing themselves with
the vessel.  After a group dinner, the crew will spend one last night at rest before departing early Saturday morning for Bermuda.  We will spend the next 6 days at sea, arriving in Bermuda on Friday the 17th, and will be cleared through immigration and customs in time to fly home on the morning of the 18th.