South Atlantic Gyre | Rio to Cape Town

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Nov 08 – Dec 06, 2010

Depart: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Arrive: Cape Town, South Africa
Length: 29 days
Focus: Plastic Pollution with 5 Gyres



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This expedition departed on schedule and is now underway for Cape Town, South Africa. Follow along through the Ships’s Blog and Live Map

Continuing important research conducted early in 2010, the Sea Dragon will make the long run from Rio de Janeiro Brazil to Cape Town South Africa. Working with the 5 Gyres science team, this expedition will cross the South Atlantic Ocean looking for evidence of plastic accumulation in this ocean. Predicted by ocean models but never verified, this trip will take an important first look into this part of our world’s oceans. Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins will lead this trip with two Dale Selvam of Pangaea and a RYA Yachtmaster certified Skipper. The team will depart Brazil mid-November and arrive in Cape Town just in time for a (summer) Christmas. Cape Town presents a wild set of options for further travel beyond the trip – from bush safaris to wine tasting. A similar return trip from Namibia to Brazil will provide the team and guests with a second pass at this exciting area and research.

Learn more about the team at 5-Gyres


Trip Type: Research Expedition

Crew Complement: Science and up to six guest crew

Trip Duration: approximately 28 Days

Departure Date: 8 November

Cost per crew: $7000 including all ship-board meals