Adventure Sailing – Azores to Brazil

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Feb 18 – Mar 26, 2010

Depart: Horta, Azores
Arrive: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Length: 37 days
Focus: Adventure Sailing



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Join an exceptional sailing expedition crossing an ocean in high-seas adventure and exploration. Pangaea Explorations is offering a unique chance to join the sailing vessel Sea Dragon on a 30-day run from the Azores Archipelago to Rio de Janeiro Brazil via the exotic Cape Verde Islands. Sea Dragon is committed to a longterm project of marine conservation, exploration and education. From February to March 2010 she will run a special trip to the South Atlantic as we reposition for the next phase of important work.

The Trip. Departing Azores 18 February, Sea Dragon and her crew will head 1,000nm south-southeast to Mindelo, Cape Verde Islands arriving 26 February. These volcanic islands rest offshore the west coast of Africa with a rich history of sailing and natural beauty. Charles Darwin onboard the Beagle, as well as Yankee whalers and early navigators stopped here. Today the islands present dramatic natural scenery, tropical marine life and a complex picture of our changing world. After seven days ashore, the sailing team sets out on a 2,500nm sail south-southwest to Brazil departing 5 March. We transit through towering thunderheads in the notorious “doldrums”, cross the equator, pass St. Peter and Paul’™s Rocks atop the mid-Atlantic ridge and then down to Rio de Janeiro arriving 21 March. From a northern hemisphere winter to the bright sun and jungle richness of a Brazilian summer, Sea Dragon carries you across a world of beauty, adventure and insights.

Join Us. Two UK MCA Yacht Master rated leaders will guide the team on this extraordinary journey. As a crewmember you will be fully engaged in the work of the boat. This is not a passive cruise, but a hands-on team experience designed to present a full experience of open ocean sailing. Crew participates in all aspects of the expedition. You will experience, learn, grow and build exceptional relationships forged in miles of the open sea. Attitude, commitment to the journey, and a sense of adventure are the key requisites. Sailing experience is a plus, but not required. We pride ourselves in building the right skills from the ground up.

Trip Type: Adventure Sailing

Crew Complement: Up to 10 guest crew

Trip Duration: approximately 28 Days

Departure Date: 18 February

Cost per crew: $3450 including all ship-board meals complete, ($1,150 for Azores to Cape Verde/ $2300 for Cape Verde to Brazil)

Provisions can be made for joining individual legs . Costs do not include land-based expenses, travel to/from endpoints, personal insurance or other individual specific costs. Contact us to reserve a place.