Sail Training | Hawaii to Marshall Islands

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Apr 7 – Apr 21, 2012

Depart: Honolulu, Hawaii
Arrive: Majuro, Marshall Islands
Length: 14 Days
Focus: Adventure sailing



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Join Sea Dragon’s expert team on another fast and fantastic sail from Hawaii to the Marshall Islands.   Experienced Ocean Skipper Dale Selvam will be leading the crew for some fast, fun adventure sailing.  Whether you are a first-timer wanting to see what it’s all about, or a seasoned pro wanting to feel some adrenalin… this is the leg for you!  An excellent opportunity to build your sea miles, experience an ocean crossing, practice your celestial navigation and enjoy the best of all sailing has to offer.

The open ocean passage starts in Honolulu, Hawaii in April and is estimated to take about 11 days.  Sea Dragon will have just undergone a major refit and be ready for the 2000nm passage to Majuro, Marshall Islands. Originally built in 2000, for the round the world Global Challenge Race, she is designed to thrive in the Southern Ocean!  She was specifically set up for volunteer crew with limited sailing experience and can safely handle any number of sailing conditions. With a crew capacity of 14 and a cruising speed of 12 knots, she is a comfortable and exciting ocean going yacht.

Your experience on board Sea Dragon will go far beyond being just a sailing one.  This passage will mark the first deployment of the onboard CO2 sensor monitoring ocean acidification.  As the oceans absorb increasing amounts of CO2, the very survival of corals, shellfish and many plankton species is severely threatened.

This ocean passage is an important part of her 2012 mission in the North Pacific, as the team on board set out to document the debris generated by the Japantsunami of March 2011.  Rarely is such a monumental amount of material – tens of thousands of tons including cars, entire homes and boats – simultaneously thrust into the sea from a single location.



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