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Blogger of the Day- Hannah Barnard (“Barnyard”)

Editor’s Note: From the moment we recieved word that Hannah would be joining us for this leg of the Young Adventurer’s program, we knew she was going to be perfect for this program. An already established Outdoorswoman, Hannah works two jobs, and maintains her own  horse and four rabbits, while also studying hard for in AP biology, and volunteering for local environmental organizations. Hannah is joining us so that she can learn more about freshwater science, a field in which she has already dabbled. She has spent plenty of time studying the invertebrate communities in her local watersheds to determine stream health, with the help of her stepmother.

Hannah experienced many things today that she never had seen before, some of which she liked, and others which weren’t so impressive. Read on to learn about what Hannah thought about Niagara Falls!

Howdy! My name is Hannah Barnard, and I am the blog writer for this glorious day aboard Sea Dragon.

Niagara falls crashing down in front of us!
Niagara falls crashing down in front of us!

Today we explored the enormous tourist trap that is the Niagara Falls. We began the day by boarding the Maid of the Mist, a large passenger ferry that takes guests on a H20-filled journey into the mist. We boarded with several hundred other excited guests, all wearing a uniform of blue plastic ponchos to protect them from the water. A curious topic to enquire about is what exactly the Niagara parks does with all those plastic ponchos used in various parts of the park. We were told that they were recyclable but weren’t quite sure if that was true. We assume that many people took them and threw them away after their delightful journey. Our plan is to inquire more about were the plastic ponchos end up after they are discarded by the guests.

Jacob with his poncho near the Canadian side of the falls.
Jacob with his poncho near the Canadian side of the falls.

After being moderately soaked  by the astonishing amount of mist produced by the falls, we made our way towards the  tunnel where one can actually walk under the falls. Thought it was very informative, it wasnt exactlty the most thrilling experience. I had to expected to walk under the falls and be able to touch them, but the tunnel ended with a gate preventing people from venturing within a 8 feet of the actual falls. there was a planform, however, that now could walk out on and feel the spray directly from the falls, but once again could not touch.

Hannah, Jacob and Riley at the not so exciting tunnel under the falls.
Hannah, Jacob and Riley at the not so exciting tunnel under the falls.

Following lunch, it was mini golf time! To make it more lively, the group decided that whoever came in last in the game would have to be “the bum” in the card game we play on board, called “Presidents”. We also decided whoever lost was responsible for buying the candy that night for the game. It was neck and neck for a while, until Miatch started to break away from the pack and ended up taking first place. Rylie came in second with his 2 hole in ones, and I brought up the middle. Asta and her blue ball got 4th place, while Jake brought up the back of the pack and was stuck buying the candy for us all!

DSC_0584Mitch, Riley, Asta, Jacob and myself after our exciting 18 holes of mini golf.

We then visited the local butterfly house, and wow! Was that an amazing experience. If you have ever been to Mackinaw Island to see their butterfly gardens, they were nothing compared to this! It was a butterfly metropolis! Miatch was the expert butterfly catcher and even got to experience having a freshly hatched butterfly land on his finger gently pull it put of the tank. Riley and Jake quickly got the hang of it and pretty soon everyone had butterflies on various parts of their body. We also got quite a show from a pair of mating butterflies.

The scene inside the butterfly house was something I cannot describe in words. Pictures of the experience will follow once we get to the American side of the lakes, where I can get internet! Canadian signals dislike my American phone!

Till any other time,

See Y’all!

Hannah Barnard.