First blog of the Young Adventurer’s Expedition!

July 21, 2013

Young Adventurer’s Expedition

Crew Size: 7

Blogger of the Day: Jacob Doyle

The Young Adventurer’s Adventure sail has finally begun! The crew has all been really excited for this leg of the journey. For Asta and Mitch, this program is an opportunity to use some of their teaching experience.Eric and Shanley are excited to have some fresh sailors on board-they will be responsible for teaching them the basics of sailing, and making it a fun experience.

Our new students for this course are Hannah Barnard, from St. John’s and Hastings, Michigan, and brothers Riley and Jacob Doyle, from Toronto.

Today’s blog is by Jacob Doyle. He is 17 years old, and has lived in Vancouver, Dubai, the Phillipines, and St. Catherines Ontario. He now resides with his family just outside of Toronto, and goes  Port Credit Secondary School.  Today’s blog is about his first impressions of the crew and vessel, and what it’s like to join us on board!

Sunset on the ocean!
Sunset on the ocean!

We have just arrived on the boat. We set sail tomorrow and we are just getting to know the boat lay out and where everything is. We have not really done much today except for a scavenger hunt around the boat. We had to look for tons of miscellaneous items that were hidden in all sorts of places. Half the stuff I have never even heard of before. After the long and intense scavenger hunt we sat down and had dinner. We are now just preparing for tomorrow and cleaning up to make sure the boat stays clean.