Ship to Shore Education Program Registration is Now Open!

Algalita Marine Research Institute- Ship-2-Shore Education Program – Registration is now open!

Join us online for a voyage across the Pacific Ocean from:
Tokyo to Maui via the projected Tsunami Debris Field: May 30 – July 1
Our next research voyage departs on May30. The goal of this extended voyage is to study plastic pollution through the projected tsunami debris field which is advancing eastward across the Pacific Ocean. Students of all ages are invited to join the voyage online to participate in this effort to study plastic pollution in this remote region. The program is free and participants will be able to send questions to our research crew and share ideas with other students from around the world. Our research team will also be available to provide guidance for any students interested in developing stewardship projects to address the issue of plastic pollution. Participants will also be given the opportunity to earn a certificate at the end of the voyage.

Registration is open now! Register Online Here:

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