Boat sailing well…

Here is a snip of recent email in from the skipper Rodrigo…

Hi Ron:

Apologies fewer e mails and updates, its been kind of full on, learning the boat, getting used to it and finding what she likes and doesn’t like. Must say, I am very impressed with the performance of the boat in light winds, the solidness and well built characteristics of the boat. Dale has done and incredible job organizing the boat and the passing over was very smooth. It took us 5 full days to do it, and he made every possible effort to give me as much information as possible.

As with every boat, there are issues, and we left with electronic navigation not working fully. Luckly we were able to photocopy charts for the Marshall’s in Majuro. Dale’s Ipad navigation ss great, he already converted me but for some reason we could not download the program in Majuro, maybe in Japan?

Otherwise, the crew are all good and interesting people and we are heading North today as we reached the bottom end of the Gyre at 20 North, 155 E. We have sailed all the way from Majuro but now that the winds are light and behind, we are forced to motor sail. From this position we will go North 600 nm until 30 N, 155E, going right through the middle of the Gyre, and from there proceed toward Tokio. We are hoping to arrrive in the bay of Tokio on the 20th of May so we can clear in on the 21st of May.

Thanks very much for the weather updates, always good to have the over all picture of the weather as we only have been getting more localized weather files from Max Sea program on board.

Will keep you updated.

Best regards

Rodrigo and crew of Sea Dragon

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The Team is now heading almost due north and set to approach one of the most remote islands in the world…Minami Tonishima manned only by the Japan Maritime Self Defense Forces