Through the Trades and to the Calm…

Sea Dragon is pressing west-northwest under sail, enjoying the last few hundred miles of good solid Trade Winds.

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Date: Fri, May 04, 2012 8:12 pm
To: Emily Penn

Hi Emily,

We’re going to tweet daily. After a bit of a delay, we’re now sailing under blue skies, moderate winds, and making 170 miles in the last 24 hrs. Hopefully another 200 today. We want a bank of miles early on so we will have time to really explore the region a bit more. We’ve got a good crew and we’re enjoying ourselves. Only two episodes of seasickness, otherwise a very content crew.



The point of the the expedition is actually to reach deeply into the calm of the North Pacific high that typically sits in the center of the accumulation zone. You can see where they are in the weather map picture below from Passage Weather. The arrows represent wind speed and direction….the “feather” are at the back, upwind side and the number suggest the amount of windspeed. At about 10 North and 165 East, they are right in the last of the trade winds with a large section of calm air ahead…