Enjoying the simplicity of an ocean landscape By Andrew Cook


I’ve forgotten how to type. This is the first time I have sat in front of a computer in… well to be honest I’m not sure what day of the week it is, so let’s just say it has been a while.

In life generally it is not uncommon for us to stumble across a really special day, however it’s rare that you find a truly perfect twenty-four hours. Fortunately conventional time keeping is somewhat irrelevant out here, so that perfect day just seems to keep going. Here is an example of just a portion of that experience.

There is a degree to which the watch system on board can become routine and, despite its unquestionable beauty, the Pacific Ocean is notable for its distinct lack of, well anything ,on the surface at least. For example we could easily spend a day with only the subtle variations in the waves, clouds and stars to remind us that there is a world beyond this 72 feet.

As such (on what might have been Tuesday), Thunda’ woke up for our night watch with expectations of little more than some inane conversation. Within the space of four hours we managed to avoid hitting a container ship, enjoy the company of some very friendly dolphins and celebrate the completion of Dave’s fifth thousand plus journey. To be honest there was little chance of us colliding with another ship, but the excitement of something else being on the water was worthy of mention. That was until the dolphins turned up, danced around in the phosphorescence and generally acted as though they expected the attention.

The following day Jesper landed a fish which was to become the delicious starter for the following day’s lunch. To top things off, Natalia asked the Universe for a rainbow and that afternoon we got a double rainbow. And not just any old double rainbow either, as it seemed to be emerging from the sea before the horizon so that we could see where the pot of gold should be.

Right, I’ve had enough of being in front of a computer, I’m off to enjoy the simplicity of an ocean landscape.