It is surprising how quickly we can all adapt by Danny Loo


I have lost count of the number of days we have spent on this boat but they are passing quickly and never without incident. Already we are over halfway and we all know the remainder of the trip is going to fly by as we are on course to reach Hawaii on the 29th/30th of March.

Everybody settled into the routine super fast and now it is second nature to be woken up at 1:45am for a 4 hour shift on deck! It is surprising how quickly we can all adapt. We have bonded into a proper team who all look out for each other like we have known each other for years, not days.

As predicted we haven’t seen many other signs of human life apart from a cargo ship passing in the distance. These aren’t regular occurrences though, only happening once every couple of days. It will be quite a shock to pull into port in the large city of Honolulu in a few days time. Until then, we are going to enjoy every last minute of solitude!