Thunda Shunda and Plunda by Natalia Cohen

500 Nautical miles from land
500 Nautical miles from land

For a brief clarification, let’s introduce the Watch Teams:
Thunda – Dave, Andy and Natalia
Chunda – Emily, Danny, Monish and Tina
Plunda – Jesper, Nicola and Davin

Over 500 nautical miles from land and team Thunda  take the helm for a non existent sunrise. The wind had dropped and the skies were still overcast.

I had a quick word with the universe and as the day unfolded, the sky cleared and the sun shone brightly for our day 4 voyage.

The morning passed effortlessly with cups of tea, egg in the basket, toast and peanut throwing  (!!?) until there was some movement below deck and the other crew began to stir.

After a quesadilla and salad lunch, we all crowded round Dave in the cock pit for a presentation and discussion on adventure and its role in our individual lives. We all decided that independently we would come up with a personal escape list. Between 10 and 50 adventures/experiences we would like to do/have in the next few years.

What would your escape list look like??

The light wind could have been seen by some as a negative thing, yet today the Sea Dragon crew enjoyed a beautiful afternoon as well as hoisting Dave up the mast to challenge his fear of heights and get a bird’s eye view of the boat with the GoPro.

The Chunda team out did themselves this dinner time with the trip’s first three course meal. Veggie and lentil soup, broccoli with a creamy cheese sauce and chocolate, biscuit cake!

We sat up on deck, watching the sun set and listening to Andy’s talk on ancient navigation and sea travel. Most of the crew retired but a few stayed up to watch a Bollywood film!? They had 3 hours ish to kill before their next watch.