Young men at sea

Sea Dragon is underway after her long refit. She and crew are heading south to Cabo San Lucas as a staging area for the Hawaii crossing. They have sailed via Guadalupe Island, home to an abundance of Great White sharks that use the area as a social aggregation point (and a chance to be filmed on National Geographic “Shark Men” 🙂

Ben and Luke are posting their first blogs from sea – we will post them as they come

We found our boat at Dana Point Harbor and it was right next to the Spirit of Dana point and another tall ship. Our ship is named the Sea Dragon. The coolest things about it are the instrument panel that shows our boat and all of the boats around it, the fact that we sleep in hammocks that hang from the walls and ceiling of the boat, and the steering wheel that is really big. It is as tall as me. We had to wait for high tide to leave so we left in the middle of the night. To leave the dock we had to spin our boat around to avoid the Spirit of Dana Point. We are having to motor now because there is not enough wind to sail. We call it motor sailing. So far we have seen LOTS of balloons in the water. We have seen white ones, red ones, green ones, and mylar balloons. I now know what happens to all of the balloons that kids let go of. – Ben

I am on the boat now. It is really cold and I feel sick. It is cloudy outside and I have to be harnessed in all of the time and wear my life jacket so I don’t fall into the ocean. – Luke