Big Sharks

Ben and Luke reporting in again from Guadalupe:

I was driving the boat toward Guadalupe island. About noon yesterday we spotted land. We said land ho and I rang the bell. The island was really big and when we were driving along the island dolphins came up and swam with the boat. They were bottle nose dolphins and some were as big as a shark. They were the biggest dolphins I have ever seen. We also saw albatross who were skimming on the water catching the wind from the swells. We heard elephant seal babies barking from shore. We are still motor sailing. The only stong wind we have really caught is after we rounded guadalupe island. The captain said the wind will pick up this after noon. – Ben

We sailed to guadalupe island. There are a lot of great white sharks around this island (the most in the world). My daddy jumped into the cold dark water. I had a lot of fun riding on the bow of the boat watching the dolphins surf our waves. I am feeling much better. – Luke