Big Fish out of Water

Sea Dragon is now deep into her heavy maintenance and overhaul cycle. Dale has just moved the boat down to Baja Naval…a well know yard in Ensenada Mexico. Here we start seeing some of the most fundamental… and really cool refit work.


After almost 35,000 miles of heavy sailing and research work, covering four oceans and ports in four continents she is setting down for much deserved overhaul work. In Ensenada, the underwater hull will be cleaned, fared and repainted with anti-foul (we use a special water based paint that is much less risky for the environment. This makes the hull cut a clean, smooth…and fast shape in the water.

The above water sections will be repainted a luminous Navy Blue – Sea Dragon’s trademark color. The topsides will be stripped clean and repainted with a new anti-slip work surface. Down below, the bilges get a detailed inspection, corrosion check and repainting. Unlike the connotation of “bilge” it is vital that we keep Sea Dragon super clean. The bilge is the interior skin of the boat, it is the hull and our buoyant shield against the very deep seas we cross.

Stand by for more…