Live Ocean Expedition

The Pangaea team works hard to advance marine conservation and education- through our expeditions, partnerships and most importantly guest crew. Today, we want to take a minute…or a few words here… to recognize a fantastic example of bringing the ocean and the adventure of exploration to all of us. Dr. Robert Ballard’s and his team have put the expedition ship Nautilus to work exploring the deep Mediterranean. Building on his pioneering work discovering hydrothermal vents (and then more famously ships like Titanic and PT 109), Ballard now really pushes the frontiers of both science and education. This is part of Ballard’s ongoing Sea Research Foundation– again a great model for the future of science, education and conservation.

What we really like is their ability to bring live feed, news and personal stories from the remote oceans. You must check out their website Nautilus Live – click here!

While we are proud of the work we have done to date…we Pangaea cannot help but say….”some day….” 🙂