Departure Christmas Island…with a bit of character

Departed Kiritimati/ Christmas Island 2025 18th GMT for Fanning Island 8 POB crew list as sent.

OMG – Customs Immigration etc all cleared on Friday as they ‘do not work weekends’, however yesterday (Sat) they came by and said the rules state 24hours and we had not left (even though this had been agreed) he insisted that I return the clearance paper. So they agreed to come by sunday 0700 as they had to clear a ship as well. We were all up and ready packed stowed and waiting 0700, 0800, 0900 at 0930 they arrived about eight of them, initially saying we had to come in and see them Monday morning, something was odd the customs guy could not talk properly, he was trying to light a cigarette, the others variously were holding boxes of Marlboro reds and bottles of spirits. They had cleared in the recently arrived Per Seine fishing boat! Fortunately the immigration lady sorted us out … we are on our way, hope it runs as smoothly in Hawaii!