Ship’s Log Day 8, March 12, 2011

We stopped last night in a TINY village called Puerto Eden. We had to stay there for the night and wait out the aftershocks of the earthquake in Japan. Everyone was worried about Tsunamis around the world. We are pretty far from Japan but it is better to be safe than sorry.

We left this AM about 8 and motored until about 4pm. We are now stopped for a little while at the amazing GlacierTempanos in a fiord called Seno Iceberg. BREATHTAKING! To top it all off, we had several dolphins to guide us into the fiord. They rode along the side of the boat the entire time. Beauty everywhere you turn. Surely something I will never forget. . .

I am including 2 photos today, one of the dolphins with the glacier in the background, the other is our group photo in front of the Glacier Tempanos.

I made yet more cookies today. It does not matter how many I make, they just disappear! TeresaDay-8-groupday-8-dolphins