Ship’s Log Day 9, March 13, 2011



Currently we are holed up in a little cove waiting out yet more weather. We are going to get going about 9 or so this evening again. We are on the midnight to 4am shift this time. Oh, that will be fun! 🙂

We had quite a night last night. I was on from 8pm-midnight and we started out just fine and then got rocky towards the end of our shift. The next crew came on and had it pretty bad. They tried to anchor at one spot and could not get the anchor to stick so pulled it up and we went on to the cove we are currently in, but it was pretty rough getting here. This is a beautiful little spot called Caleta Lamento de Indio. Simply beautiful. We went on dingy rides to get a closer look. We have seen ducks and otters that live here. If I were them, I would live here too!

Anna Rotander, the scientist from Sweden did some water samples while we were parked here. It will be interesting to see the results of her tests. Even though we have not seen actual plastic in this region, she and her team of researchers are concerned about the chemicals in the water that leaches out of plastic while it photodegrades. The suspicion is that these waters are still contaminated by those chemicals even if the plastic is not readily evident.

The photos are of the cove we are in and of Anna taking water samples.

I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend! Teresa