Ships Log Saturday March 5, 2011

IMG_1507Hello to everyone from the Beagle Channel! I hope this finds you well. We are underway and about 10 hours into our journey. So far we have taken 3 hour shifts. Duties include steering the boat (yes, really), recording each hour in the logbook, watching for rocks, kelp, other boats, etc. Of course, there is software for much of this, but it is not always accurate as I found out today. Skipper Clive was showing us the computer program which has the boat 1/2 way up a mountain! This is why human eyes are still better. We will anchor somewhere for the night. It is not wise to sail these waters at dark due to the reasons I just described. One can run into something easily.

What we have seen so far today: penguins swimming near the boat, fiords, glaciers, waterfalls, a large ship going past us, many birds, the shore of Ushuaia, wind blown trees, icy bits (according to Clive) and lots of water, of course. Here is an image of the crew before we left:

The crew L to R–Teresa (from TN), Chris (from MN), Tasha (from MN), Jeff (boat crew), Brit (from NYC), Robert (from TN), Anna (from Sweden), Dale (first mate from New Zealand), Clive (Skipper from England), Alfred (from NM)