Engine down… “trawling as usual”

News just in from the boat – an email from Dale:

“We have had a little problem,” he begins.  “We had a rope from the trawl wrap around the prop and pull the g/box (that’s gearbox) off the engine.  The adaptor plate has broken and pulled the bolts out of the engine.”

If Sea Dragon were a motorboat I’d be pretty worried by now.  But the fact that 1. she is a well-equipped sailing vessel with a 90ft mast supporting a huge sail area to propel her across oceans and 2. she is out of the center of the gyre, in a fresh northerly breeze, speeding along towards Uruguay… it’s actually just another part of the adventure!

Dale goes on to give a list of things for us to organise when they reach land and finishes with, “this is part of sailing, we have it sorted and are sailing and trawling as usual.”

Good news!  They are flying along at 9.5knots… this is what sailing is all about!