Micro-Climate Delays

Sea Dragon is bucking at her mooring in Cape Town, trying to get to sea. Skipper Dale Selvam called in this morning with an unusual challenge for our ocean going vessel. The wind, it seems, is particularly difficult in the harbor. Despite the shelter, they are getting 55kt gust in the main harbor area. This in itself would not stop the boat- and has been a regular condition on several of the last legs. However, between the boat and the open sea are two draw bridges and some tight passages. Winds like this blowing across the boat could put her in danger of striking the bridges or dock sides. Several other yachts in the same basin have either been hit trying to pass through, or reported near misses.

Dale has every hope the team will be able to push out today- perhaps with the help of a zodiac inflatable acting as a safety tug. Once outside, the team will have the wind at their backs and a fast run north to the remote desert harbor of Walvis Bay, Namibia. The wind is accelerating around the cape -clearly visible in this weather image from Passage Weather. Look at the bright yellow patch just off the SW corner of the continent. That is Cape Town and Sea Dragon’s dilemma. Ironically, the open sea is where they will find calm conditions and smooth sailing.
cape town

Lets keep a close watch and wish the crew best of luck dealing with this unusual challenge!