Closing Fast

Just in across the Satphone – urgency rises from the calm of a long crossing- the world of the ocean wilderness begins to melt away as land and busy times quickly approach –

Oh to be in CT drinking local brew! Instead we are 202Nm to go hard on the wind and slamming into it – 25-30knots! but progressing well, 7.5knots almost on course. current ETA 8th pm, probably late … plus think they are 2 hours ahead of GMT … we will all be please to see Table Mt, think some will be sprinting off the boat !!!
014.27.09E at 1330 GMT
ps Emily I have an ITV studio interview next week … great opportunity would it be possible for you to send me that plastic trash that we spoke about in Isla G, then I can pass it on to Aquarium after as we collecedt trash but less then North Atlantic and I will have zero opportunity for beach combing – i need samples for Aquarium and to illustrate my points with itv – thank-you, Clive

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