Thanks to you


The team is at position 33.20.73S  / 19.30.09W as of 1200 GMT on Thanksgiving, November 25th.  “All well the sun is shining!”  It seems they’ve made it to the calmer waters high just in time to cook up a feast for Thanksgiving – apparently, Stiv has been in the galley since 8am.

This position report was shortly followed by a note of thanks from Ron and Portia Ritter, co-founders of Pangaea Explorations, and baby Atlas:

Crew- with an honorary inclusion for the non-yanks. Portia, Atlas and I want to pass a heartfelt Thanksgiving to you all this year (Clive – remember that the original holiday was a bunch of brits sitting around camp wondering if this whole “new” world was such a good idea).

We all understand first hand what it means to be away from home, family, friends on a holiday. Even more so when you have such limited contact with the outside world. These traditions somehow seem to matter much, much more when you are “out there”. I’m fairly sure there’s no turkey on board, but we hope you take the time to break for a good, all hands meal.

Most importantly, we sincerely thank you all this year. The issue, as you have all shown in your personal committment, is nothing less than the future of the oceans. The plastic that we focus on today, is part of a much larger, long term threat that undermines the viability of our planet, our home. To quote one of our inspirations, and sponsors of this trip- Yvonne Chouinard – if you want to do good, you have to do Something. You all are in full knowledge of your sacrifice. We are grateful.

There is a long, tough tradition of the kind of commitment you demonstrate. I can only imagine the resolve of early polar explorers who went north in wooden ships. They knew they would be gone at least several years, spending many holidays alone, including Christmas locked in pack ice.

It seems, really, that you are headed into the high and much better sailing. Based on what we have seen, you have certainly earned the good waters ahead…and more than a few good times when you get to shore.

Smooth sailing and good days ahead-

R, P, A

Ron Ritter
Pangaea Exploration