Latest Position Report – 24 Nov

Sea Dragon and her team continue to press SE, towards the heart of the Gyre center. This morning the crew reported clearing skies and winders “moderating” to just over 20kts- this is a big improvement from the 40+kts they had seen in the last 48 hours. All things relative, this will bring a positive, productive mood to the crew. They have fought their way through the rough edges of the high, like bushwacking travellers fighting their way through a thicket that are now slowly coming into more open country.

The team is at 31.44.3S / 020.58.8W as of 1200GMT on the 24th. The high has spread out somewhat, with a larger area that actually has extended up towards the boats latest position. They are not in the calm yet, but they should at least begin to sense a horizon with better weather to come.


With a bit of luck the next 24 hours will bring a rapid drop in wind speed and calming seas. They are right on the edge of the high, with its outer boundry starting to take shape at about 30S / 20W. Ahead lies a patch of wind speed of 10kts or less, clear air, no rain and wave heights of <1m – shaped like a 600 x 300 mile long oval oriented ESE.

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