Adventure Sailing & Science Expeditions

Adventure Sailing & Science Expeditions

We sail for adventure and science throughout the Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Northwest Passage, Patagonia, Arctic, Mediterranean, Asia, Alaska, Antarctica, and many other places - Don't lose your bunk! Book Now!



Pangaea offers adventure sailing, global exploration, and science on SV Sea Dragon, our 72ft ex-Global Challenge sailing yacht.

Between expeditions, Sea Dragon sails the world with our guest crews on voyages of adventure and discovery. Depending on the voyage, our crew can gain offshore miles, learn celestial navigation, experience tropical islands, or delve deeper into our scientific work, testing the world’s oceans and seas for pollutants and micro-plastics. Data collected with our partners is recorded and shared with academic institutions around the world. Our guest crews are a key part of both sailing Sea Dragon and taking part in our scientific activities.

We can provide a complete program suitable for experienced sailors, scientists or novices alike. About 80% of our guests have never been on a sailboat before, let alone completed an ocean crossing. Anyone can go sailing, and anyone can comb their local beaches for indicators of ocean health, but with our partner organizations, Pangaea brings these things together in a way that provides adventure, exploration, and science globally. So take a look at our upcoming trips and join us to make a difference in both your own life and the health of our oceans and seas in a meaningful and lasting way.

Ship's Blog

A new calendar year begins..

A new calendar year begins..

Happy New Year to each and all

Of course, the new calendar year officially starts for all on the 1st January. But for us here at Pangaea, our new sailing calendar comes into effect later in January, after our annual inspections are completed, odd jobs done, decks are painted, lifeboats and deck vests have been put through their paces and checked and the crew have had their fill of well deserved ‘doubles and hot sauce’

Only then does our New Year begin, and what a new year it proposes to be…

We begin our spring schedule in our old stomping grounds, the waters of the Caribbean.
Our maiden expedition for 2018 is Leisure with Purpose, an adventure series designed to combine all of the fun things we enjoy doing – sailing, surfing, swimming, cooking, hiking, snorkeling, yoga – with meaningful conversations, workshops, and practices of respect for the environment that we do those activities in. This gem of a trip departs Grenada on the 1st February, so you’ll really have to hurry to grab those last 2 slots!



On waving a fond farewell to our Leisure guests, we are then turning our heads west as we make our way to Panama for our Gone with the Winds passage, a sailors dream with days and nights of fast Tradewind surfing, and big seas. With the additional benefit of this being a qualifying RYA Ocean Yachtmaster passage, its a must for making up those miles and gaining some amazing experience. That said, if you are just up for an adventure, and like the thrill of ‘big roller coasters’, this might be for you too, regardless of sailing experience.



Having boogied our way down to Panama, things become a bit more sedate, as we embark on our Canal Transit through to the Pacific. ‘Sedate is, as sedate does’ as we ascend 85 feet through the Gatun locks to Gatun Lake, a freshwater marvel where you can hear the monkeys calling from the trees all night. We’ll sail through the deadly Culebra Cut, across the continental divide, then back down 85 feet to the Pacific Ocean through the Pedro Miguel and Miraflores locks 🙂



Then it is with a warm Adios to Panama as we set sail for Cabos San Lucas, punching out of the doldrums and up the west coast of Central America in time for Spring break! So jump aboard, sail into Cabo and lets get you to the party in style!



As we leave the legendary Cabo, we set course our bow for the beautiful Island of Hawaii. Sailing under the stars, surfing down waves, and enjoying the warm, friendly waters as our spring season takes on an idyllic pace, with the welcoming of the vernal equinox on the 20th March. Spring will have truly sprung as the days extend on our Luau crossing



Early April sees Sea Dragon docked in Hawaii, in preparation for her passage from Hawaii to Kiritamiti. Our last leg, in this spring program, before we begin our research into coral in the Central Pacific.
With the dry season upon us, this should be a fast, fun, reach across the trade winds to the remote islands of Kiribati – there’s only one flight a week out of Kiritimati!So we have to get there before the flight leaves, to drop off our sun kissed, salt skinned guest crew and pick up the research teams from WHOI and Boston University.



So while we look to future expeditions with excitement and anticipation of new experiences and friends; lets not forget the past, as is traditional with the dawning of a new calendar year, and remember the good times had, the people we met, the ups and the downs and of course some amazing sailing. For those who joined us in our previous trips, thank you! You make what we do, all the more enjoyable! For those who are due to join us, or are looking to join us, Welcome!

Heres a short clip from our Atlantic Odyssey Crossing 2017