Adventure Sailing & Science Expeditions

Adventure Sailing & Science Expeditions

We sail for adventure and science throughout the Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Northwest Passage, Patagonia, Arctic, Mediterranean, Asia, Alaska, Antarctica, and many other places - Don't lose your bunk! Book Now!



Pangaea offers adventure sailing, global exploration, and science on SV Sea Dragon, our 72ft ex-Global Challenge sailing yacht.

Between expeditions, Sea Dragon sails the world with our guest crews on voyages of adventure and discovery. Depending on the voyage, our crew can gain offshore miles, learn celestial navigation, experience tropical islands, or delve deeper into our scientific work, testing the world’s oceans and seas for pollutants and micro-plastics. Data collected with our partners is recorded and shared with academic institutions around the world. Our guest crews are a key part of both sailing Sea Dragon and taking part in our scientific activities.

We can provide a complete program suitable for experienced sailors, scientists or novices alike. About 80% of our guests have never been on a sailboat before, let alone completed an ocean crossing. Anyone can go sailing, and anyone can comb their local beaches for indicators of ocean health, but with our partner organizations, Pangaea brings these things together in a way that provides adventure, exploration, and science globally. So take a look at our upcoming trips and join us to make a difference in both your own life and the health of our oceans and seas in a meaningful and lasting way.

Ship's Blog

Now Recruiting:  2019 Deckhands

Now Recruiting: 2019 Deckhands

Pangaea is now recruiting for our deckhand role for the 2019 season!  In this role, you will act as the third watch leader on board Sea Dragon and help Eric & Shanley with all vessel maintenance, provisioning, and crew management. In addition, you’ll be in charge of social media aboard.  This will entail, at a minimum, ensuring that 1 blog/week with photos is uploaded to the website, but if you would like to take this role further, we are open to your ideas.  The ideal candidate will be a quick learner, hard worker, and enthusiastic about sailing.  Prior sailing experience is necessary, however, you won’t be expected to lead a solo watch on your first passage.  

This is a volunteer role, however, travel expenses will be covered, travel health insurance provided, and you will receive a small stipend to cover expenses while in port.  Our 2019 season is going to be short and intense, so we’re looking for the best!  

If you’re interested, please send an email explaining why you’d like to sail with us, which dates you are available, and a copy of your CV to before December 17, 2018.

Deckhand 1: May 1 – July 17, 2019

Deckhand 2:  June 17 – August 24, 2019