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Summer Sailing Offer | Key West – Azores

Jun 5 – 30, 2017

Depart: Key West
Arrive: Horta, Azores
Length: 26 days, 25 nights
Focus: Adventure Sailing, Exploring, YM Ocean.


New sailing opportunity!

Are you interested in joining the crew?

*This expedition is a Yachtmaster qualifying passage.*

However NO experience is needed, but a Passion for adventure is a MUST!

Adventure with us, for an exciting sail through the Sargasso Sea to the beautiful island of Bermuda. You will experience every aspect of life at sea as we rush across the Atlantic. We’ll leave Key West and ride the moving carpet of the Gulf Stream current past the Bahamas and Florida before setting out towards Bermuda. We’ll arrive just as the America’s Cup activity is kicking off in Bermuda!

Then stay aboard to for an awesome sail from Bermuda across 2000nm of the North Atlantic Ocean, to arrive in the lush volcanic islands of the Azores. You will experience every aspect of life at sea as we navigation the Atlantic, learning, honing seamanship, sailing, and passage making skills.

* If you’re working towards your Yachtmaster Ocean, this passage is for you, our seasoned crew will help practice your celestial navigation and involve you in the daily routines and watch standing on board.

Eric Loss – Skipper

Eric has been sailing competitively since his time as a young mariner and in 2011 he sailed around the world single-handed and told his story in Loss at Sea.

Eric has been Captain on board Sea Dragon since January 2013 and he loves to facilitate the understanding of and connection to the sea for all of those who come on board.

Shanley McEntee – First Mate

Shanley has been all over the world and covered over 40,000 miles on all different types of sailing yachts and loves to do everything from scuba diving to surfing to swimming.

With a degree in Environmental Policy and Marine Science, Shanley continues to explore the world and the different issues mother earth faces. She’s full time with Sea Dragon as First Mate since January of 2013.

Max Patterson – Guest Crew

Born and raised in Canberra, Australia, Max has always loved traveling! Bitten by the travel bug since his first trip to the USA in 2006, he has made it his life’s goal to travel, see and experience as much of the world as possible.

Having recently finished Year 12 and deciding academia was no longer for him, he embraced his passion for travel and exploration. Looking to the oceans for his next series of adventures, Max, having never sailed before, signed up for an extended Sailing trip with Rubicon 3, enrolled in a night time navigation course and a day skipper course.

These experiences have ignited a desire in him, to spend all his time sailing, learning how to work as part of a crew and gaining the experience he needs to make working in the Marine Industry a career choice.

Maya Weeks – Guest Crew

No stranger to the ocean, Maya grew up on the pacific coast around the San Fransico Bay area and is an avid surfer and keen sailor. Her sailing experience encompasses a broad range of vessels from day sailing dinghies and ketches, in and around local waters to sailing expeditions aboard the tall ship S/V Antigua in Svalbard where she helped as crew.

As a writer and artist, with a BA in Language studies and an MFA in poetry. Maya’s current work focuses on marine debris, climate change, gender, and logistics from an environmental justice perspective, especially with attention to how marine debris disproportionately affects bodies sexed female at birth.

Maya’s main goal for this expedition is to observe first hand, just how much marine debris is visible during the passage from start to finish. To experience the North Atlantic Gyre and to compare her own observation with the available literature on pollution in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Niklas Schroder – Guest Crew

Niklas first experience of sailing was during a family holiday, around the Aeolian Islands. Living aboard a 100-year-old wooden windjammer and helping as a deckhand, for the entire holiday; sparked his enthusiasm for sailing, adventure, and exploration.

It is this enthusiasm and sense of adventure that has led him to join Sea Dragon, on this amazing Atlantic journey. We predict, at the end of this journey, sailing will very firmly be in Niklas’s veins.

Having just graduated high school, Niklas has embraced his wanderlust, traveling and working his way through Canada and the States. Along the way, helping to build an ice castle in Edmonton.

Our young intrepid explorer on completing his journey with us hopes to continue onto higher education in his native Germany, where he will study Computer Science in Berlin, armed with stories of his amazing summer experience.

For Niklas, this voyage is about, great opportunities,  making new friends, and to learn more about the ocean and sailing itself.

Kate Pollock – Guest Crew

Originally from Minnesota – the land of 10,000 lakes. Kate grew up on boats and around boats (her school mascot was actually a skipper), so was always in a lake or river somewhere. Summers were spent in northern Minnesota or in upstate New York for several weeks each year.

Kate eventually moved out to the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington state, where she completed high school. From there, the original plan was to study oceanography and environmental science at UH Manoa, but life took me in very different directions. Instead, she lived for a while in Peru, Germany, and Sweden, and many places around the U.S., including a small stint in Alaska. Somewhere during that time, she completed a SEA semester program as well.

It wasn’t until her time at the University of Minnesota that she discovered her passion for design. As of now, Kate works as a user experience design intern and will have a BS in Product Design and Technical and Scientific Communication.

In her free time, Kate enjoys producing art, playing sports (mostly volleyball and soccer), latin dance, and hiking. She is currently learning photography and *attempting* to be a better cook.” Kate is currently plotting her next steps, beforeI officially moving out of Minnesota. She wishes to continue her design studies – most likely at the University of Washington – but is not quite sure what she would like her full career to look like. Having always been passionate about storytelling, the natural world, and exploration, with a particular appreciation and awe of the sea; As a product designer, she believes she can make an incredible impact by communicating and finding ways to repurpose plastic in the ocean.

Kate feels that getting back out on the ocean and seeing everything that, for the past few years, has seemed so theoretical, is the best move she can make right now if she wants to form a creative career with a specific focus on the environment. As helping with scientific research is something she is particularly excited for (especially neuston tows!).

Kate is looking forward to meeting with other creative and adventurous minds on board Sea Dragon – “hearing the life stories of fellow explorers is such a learning experience”. From her previous sailing experience, Kate knows that the bonds made at sea can be life changing.

June 5: Crew joins the boat at 1400 in Stock Island Marina, Key West

Afternoon, Safety briefings, introductions and boat familiarizations and trip preparations.

June 6: Depart Key West

June 7- 13: Underway to Bermuda

June 14: Arrive at Bermuda, St Georges Harbour.

June 15: Crew can depart the vessel by 1200

June 16: Crew joining the boat, arrives at 1400 in St.Georges Harbour, Bermuda.

Afternoon, Safety briefings, introductions and boat familiarizations and trip preparations.

June 17: Depart Bermuda

June 18 -28: Underway to Horta, Faial, Azores

June 29: Arrive at Horta, Faial, Azores

June 30: All crew can depart the vessel by 1200

Contribution Includes:
– 25 nights accommodation on Sea Dragon
– All meals, snacks and drinks on board
– Sailing Instruction
– Safety equipment and foul weather gear

Contribution does not include:
– Transportation to and from Key West or the Azores
– Transportation to and from the boat
– Additional nights spent ashore
– Personal expenses while in port

All crew members will require a passport and visas from their home country that will allow them to travel to/ from Key West, Bermuda and the Azores by sea. Please look into the specific type of visa you need for arriving at these destinations by sea: