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  • Amazing Circus Cats 2

    Dominique and his Amazing Circus Cats

    If you walk a bit further South along the waterfront, you’ll soon come to the best show in Key West. At first, it is a bit unprepossessing – what is this grey-haired, scraggly man wearing outrageous cat socks doing with all those cages?

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  • Cayman To Key West 1

    A Look Back: Cayman to Key West

    We are here in Key West! Our sail lasted only three days, a short passage. The storm helped push us along; in fact, we clocked out at an all time high of 13.3 knots! I have never had so much fun puking, and would do it all again in a heart beat (may try a different nausea medication though).

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  • Moonlight

    A Thick Black Line Obscuring the Horizon

    … A thick black line obscured the horizon, where just minutes before was nothing but grey overcast. We quickly rolled the yankee and got a first reef in the main before it hit, with horizontal rain and steady winds blowing 40-45 kts stinging our eyes.

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  • Sunset

    Cayman to Key West Day #2

    The evening of Day 2 underway found us just off the coast of Cuba, hoping for a favorable windshift that would allow an easy turn east and a quick reach over the next few days to Key West.

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  • Alex Lowering The Dinghy

    Cayman to Key West

    On Sunday, we set sail from Grand Cayman! Weather was awesome, partly cloudy with a 17 knot breeze from the east; on a broad reach all day. Among the excitement was Shanley cleaning the poop deck three times.

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  • IMG 3010

    The Wreck of the Teignmouth Electron

    [In 1968], when the Sunday Times of London announced that it was sponsoring the first ever non-stop around the world sailing race, it wasn’t just the race, it would be the first time anyone had accomplished such a feat. The challenge and thrill of being at the frontier of ocean sailing brought together some of the great sailors of the era, and also some who were more armchair-sailors, dreamers or adventurers…

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  • Group Photo

    Last day on board Sea Dragon

    Today was the day. The last one we have aboard Sea Dragon. Feelings shift between bliss and hope for a shower with hot, high-pressured water (a commodity not yet found among the ship). While others, long for that first cold beer to squelch the lukewarm [...]

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  • Last Sunset

    Last Sunset

    It’s Saturday, the day before the nine of us alongside Eric, Shanley, Nicole, and Keene end our journey sailing and exploring the wonders of the Cayman Islands.  I feel I speak for all of us when I say that this past week of living, eating, diving, [...]

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  • Beccahelm

    Aloha Friday! The Adventure Continues. . .

    Like most things that involve the ocean and nature, expecting the unexpected is almost a given. Things rarely go as planned, unless you are lucky. We were not so lucky. Today was planned to be an exploration of Cayman Brac, kite mapping, finding the Teignmouth Electron, [...]

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  • Sam Snorkel

    Good Food, Good Fun, and Valuable Life Lessons.

    The crew woke up and started the day with an awesome 7:30 breakfast which consisted of savory french toast bites and delicious scrambled eggs cooked by Christine and Courtney, our two chefs for the day. We then went along with our plans to go kite mapping and [...]

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